Required documents

Applying for Russian Tourist Entry Visa


Foreign citizens and stateless persons.

General information:

A visa is required for foreign citizens and stateless persons to enter the Russian Federation. A foreign citizen should apply for visa in the Russian consulate at the place of his permanent residence. Russian consulates issue visas in accordance with the purpose of visit and duration  of the foreigner’s stay on the territory of the Russian Federation

Required documents:

1. Passport

A valid foreign passport (diplomatic, service, or ordinary) or any other ID recognized as such by the Russian Federation.
The passport should not raise doubts about its authenticity nor its ownership. It should have no marks, reservations, notes, erasements nor corrections unauthenticated by the pertinent foreign authorities, missing or unbound pages. It should have at least two empty pages intended for visas. As a rule, it should be valid six months beyond the visa’s expiration date. If a foreign citizen is issued an ordinary private visa due to a necessity for his/her entry into the Russian Federation for an urgent medical treatment or a serious illness or the death of his/her close relative, the passport should be valid at least until the visa’s expiration day. In case of the issuance of a student’s or working visa, the passport should be valid a year and a half beyond the visa’s expiration date.

2. Filled out visa application form
The sample of the visa application form (except citizens of the US, Great Britain and Georgia)

The template of the visa application form (except citizens of the US, Great Britain and Georgia)

The sample of the visa application for the citizens of the US, Great Britain and Georgia

The template of the visa application for the citizens of the US, Great Britain and Georgia

3. One photo 3,5 х 4,5 cm

A photo 3,5 х 4,5 cm (black-white or color) with a sharp full-face image with no tinted glasses nor a head-dress (except foreign citizens for whom wearing a hair-dress at all times is an obligatory attribute of their national or religious identity, but under the condition that the foreign citizen is depicted in such head-dress in his passport).

4. Confirmation of the reception of the foreign tourist by an organization that carries out tour operator’s activities (If you buy a tour package this document will be provided by us)
Tourist visas can be single-entry or double-entry, valid up to 30 days.
A hotel’s Booking (order) confirmation does not give grounds for a visa issuance.
The visa is issued only after the complete set of documents has been presented to the Consulate.
The complete set of documents for a visa’s issuance must be presented by the applicant in person or by his lawful representative.
After the documents have been accepted and fees have been payed the applicant will be given a receipt, where the date of the visa’s availability will be specified.
When receiving his/her visa the applicant should check the accuracy of all entries, including the given name, the trip’s dates, passport number, date of birth, and etc. If necessary the visa must be immediately submitted for corrections.

Without regard to the number of entries specified in the issued visas, the total duration of all visits of a foreign citizen should not exceed 90 days during each period of 180 days. This provision does not apply to the foreign citizens, who travel with student’s or working visas.

Consulates reserve the right to deny visa application if there are serious grounds.
If the applicant is denied a visa, the fees that have been paid are not refunded.

The cost of Russian tourist visas for foreigners in the consulates of Russia depends on the citizenship of the visa applicant. The cost of a tourist visa for foreign citizens is determined by bilateral intergovernmental agreements and is always based on the principle of reciprocity. For example, for most citizens of the Schengen countries the cost of a tourist visa to Russia is 35 Euros for non-urgent issuance (from 4 to 10 days) and 70 euros for the issuance in 3 days or less.

For the US and British citizens the cost of a Russian tourist visa is 140 and $ 250, respectively.
For visa application please contact the consular section of the Russian Embassy in your country