Migration card

Admission Form

General Information:

The Admission Form is handed out to foreign citizens:

a) by flight (sea or river ship's) crew members if traveling by plane (sea o river transport);

b) by train staff, if traveling by railway transport;

c) by drivers, if traveling by general automobile transport (bus);

d) by the officers of the border control, if traveling by personal car or walking.

Foreign citizens entering the Russian Federation are allowed to fill out the admission form directly in the arrival halls of the airports (sea or river ports and automobile control areas) before proceeding to the border control.

Entry and exit parts of the admission form (A and B sections) are filled out personally by the holder of the documents, which entitle him/her to enter and stay in the Russian Federation, in a clear way, without erasures nor corrections with a black, blue or purple ink or ball pen.

If the foreign citizen does not speak Russian language, he/she is allowed to fill in personal information with Latin letters according to the information contained in his/her passport or other ID. The admission form is filled out for each foreign citizen without regard to his/her age.

Entry/exit stamps are sealed in the admission form's "For service remarks" field by officers of the border control (for transit passengers - by migration control officers) when passing through the border (migration) control.

Filled out sections of the admission form (A sections) with entry stamps are withdrawn from the holders by the border control officers upon entry into the Russian Federation.

Exit sections of the admission forms (B sections) with entry stamps are kept by the foreign citizens during the entire stay on the territory of the Russian Federation and are handed in to border control officers when leaving the Russian Federation.

In case of unintentional damage or loss of the admission form during stay on the territory of the Russian Federation the foreign citizens should inform local migration authorities within 3-day period, that after verification of the passport details of the applicant will issue a duplicate of the admission form according to the data base and with a pertinent remark in the "Service Remarks" field.

If a foreign citizen arrives at the checkpoint for border control when leaving the Russian Federation without his/her admission form, border control officers will require him to fill out the B section of a blank admission form. A pertinent remark in the "Service Remarks" field will be made.