Health insurance

The Health Insurance policy is provided, unless stated otherwise in the international treaties of the Russian Federation. The Health Insurance policy is not to be presented by foreign citizens - holders of diplomatic and service passports, nor by their guests, employees of a foreign public authority traveling to Russia by the invitation of public authorities of the Russian Federation or public authorities of the subjects of the Russian Federation, nor by other categories of foreign citizens, exempt from the presentation of the health insurance policy on the footing of reciprocity.
The Health Insurance of foreign citizens staying temporarily in the Russian Federation provides for medical assistance, including medical transportation and urgent evacuation (repatriation).

The provision of the medical assistance (including medical transportation services) to foreign citizens, staying temporarily in the Russian Federation within the scope of the health insurance, is carried out in accordance with the health insurance contract and the amount of the insurance premium actually paid, but not smaller than the scope provided for by the minimum service list of the health care services (including medical transportation services), that are rendered in the health insurance system to insured foreign citizens, staying  temporarily in the Russian Federation.

The organization and financing of the medical assistance (including medical transportation services) to foreign citizens, staying temporarily in the Russian Federation, insured by a foreign insurance company, which has a contract with a Russian insurance company licensed for the given type of insurance, or with a service provider ensuring the organization of the medical assistance (medical transportation services), is carried out by the Russian insurance company (service provider).
If a foreign citizen applies for more than 3-month visa, the applicant should additionally present the HIV-negative test certificate, except persons identified in the Federal Law of 30 March, 1995 N38-FZ “On HIV Prevention in the Russian Federation”. The confirmation of the foreign citizen's HIV-negative test certificate must be issued according to the requirements approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 25 November, 1995 N1158 “On the Approval of the Requirements for the certificate of the confirmation of HIV-negative test, presented by foreign citizens and stateless persons, applying for the Russian Federation entry visa for a period of more than 3 months” (the requirements for the mentioned certificate can be found on the Internet-site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia