XXV “Viva Russian cinema!” Festival, the city cinemas

XXV “Viva Russian cinema!” Festival, the city cinemas
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The “Viva Russian cinema!” movie festival is the largest festival in the country dedicated to the cinematic art of Russian creators.

In 2017 the festival is going to take place in Saint Petersburg from May 13 to 17 in the following movie theaters: Rodina, Filmofond, Zanevsky, Druzhba, Voskhod, Svrora (in Petergof) and Moscow hotel cinema.

The “Viva Russian cinema!” festival started in 1993 as a venue where all Russian movie fans could see new films, names and styles that used to determine Russian cinema of the time.

Eventually the festival grew into a significant cultural event that determines the modern cinematographic landscape of Petersburg in many ways.

During the time of its existence the festival has created its own specific philosophy, which makes this celebration truly unique, and has presented more than 400 new movies to the citizens, along with more than 100 various retrospective programs dedicated to the creative work of Russian actors and directors.