Tulip festival, Kirov central park

Tulip festival, Kirov central park
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May 13-14. The Tulip festival is a magnificent spring celebration which turns Yelagin island into the residence flowers of numerous colors for a few weeks.

Tulips truly deserve the right to be called one of the most important symbols of spring, and this festival, for its part, is worth calling one of the most thrilling and long awaited annual spring events in Saint Petersburg.

The festival is going to open in the format of a historic promenade–with a concert, which was so welcomed by the park's visitors last year. During the days of the festival's opening the palace section of the park is going to host several music and theater areas that depict such historic periods as baroque, rococo, modern, empire and classicism. When walking along the park's alleys and contemplating gorgeous parterres, you'll be able to immerse yourself in the elegant past, as on your way you will meet musicians, poets, artists, soldiers, and fair ladies that represent these epochs through music, dances, poems, confessions of love and even accidental duels.

Everyone who would like to support this historic journey to the past may come wearing a fancy dress relevant to the time periods represented at the festival. Appropriately dressed visitors will get a free ticket. The outfit should consist of several elements: a costume or a dress, a hat or a hairdo and some accessory that corresponds with the chosen period.