Tragedy TU-154

Tragedy TU-154
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A tragedy for the whole world. A loss for the national culture, the entire world culture.

It is a tragedy for the entire media society. It is a grief and sorrow for all Russians.

The plane crash occurred at 5:40 Moscow time. About three minutes after takeoff from the Adler airport Tu-154 disappeared from radar screens. During this time the plane was in a climb phase. The aircraft’s crew did not send out any distress signals.

The Tu-154 carried 92 people: 64 musicians from the ensemble named after Alexandrov, nine journalists, eight soldiers - their ranks ranging from captain to general, two public officials and a representative of the International NGO "Fair Aid" Elizaveta Glinka (Dr. Lisa). The flight was operated by eight crew members.

It is difficult to find words. We express our condolences to all families, friends and colleagues of the victims, and to everyone who shares the pain of the loss.