The City Flowers Festival, Tambov

The City Flowers Festival, Tambov
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From May 14 to 15 in Tambov the flower festival is going to take place.

It has already become a good old tradition as this year it is held for the 11th time. Like always, the city park is going to gather gardeners, flower growers, and designers, as the festival’s scope is to create a special place where all of those who want to make the city more beautiful and vivid can meet.

The festival visitors are going to enjoy the exhibitions and the market of flowers and plants, sprouts, accessories for house plants, and also flower and vegetable seeds, garden inventory, and books on flower growing. All of these are going to be presented by both Tambov’s inhabitants and participants who come from other regions of Russia. The festival organizers promise that on this day everyone will have the opportunity to check out a great range of potted and ground plants, for instance, alocasia, asparagus, carnation, pomegranate, cactus, cane, Chinese rose, lemon, monster, and many others that also can be purchased.