The 15th Viennese Ball in Moscow, Gostiny Dvor

The 15th Viennese Ball in Moscow, Gostiny Dvor
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May 20. The Charity Viennese Ball in Moscow can be considered one of the most significant events on the world ball agenda. Every year about two thousand guests from many cities and countries come here to take part in it.

On May 20, 2017 the largest hall in Moscow – Gostiny Dvor – will host the jubilee 15th Charity Viennese Ball in Moscow. Because of its 15th anniversary the ball will be called “the Crystal Ball”, and all the hall decorations are going to be prepared according to this very name. The Crystal Ball is going to welcome a great many foreign guests, and it is expected that the burgomaster of Vienna Michael Häupl will pay a visit to the festival.

The Crystal Viennese Ball will also be dedicated to another important anniversary – the 870th birthday of Moscow.