Saint Petersburg named the Tourist Capital of the World

Saint Petersburg named the Tourist Capital of the World
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Saint Petersburg has been awarded a "tourist Oscar" as the world’s best tourist and cultural destination. The grand finale of World Travel Awards, the world's most prestigious awards in the travel industry, was held recently in the Maldives.

The Northern Capital was awarded the prize in the nomination «World's Leading Cultural City Destination 2016". In the final Saint Petersburg fought for the title of the tourist and cultural capital of the world with the world’s leading destinations: London, New York, Paris, Rome, Venice, Beijing, Rio de Janeiro, and Sydney. According to the Saint Petersburg Government’s Tourism Development Committee, the safety of the city, the development of infrastructure, and the hotel industry are among the decisive factors in winning the World Travel Awards.

World Travel Awards President Graham Cooke, commenting on the title earned by the city, said: “Saint Petersburg is one of the most famous cities in the world and this is a fantastic opportunity for the city to take its rightful place as a top rank tourism destination in 2016. An increasing number of tourists travel to this city with cultural purposes. The city is actively promoting itself on the international arena”.

It is worth noting that in September of this year Saint Petersburg was awarded a WTA prize as «Europe's Leading Destination» and as the result of the European contest made it into the grand final of the international award beating such rivals as Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Edinburgh, Istanbul, Lisbon, London, Paris, Porto, Yorkshire, and three Italian cities at once - Rome, Florence and Venice, as reports.