Saint Petersburg day

Saint Petersburg day
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On May 27 in Saint Petersburg, City Day is celebrated.

This date was chosen not by accident, but because on this very day in 1703 Peter laid the first stone in the foundation of Peter and Paul fortress, having conquered the territory at Neva's estuary from Sweden. This first building of a future great city is still the main symbol of the Northern capital. Here, in the heart of Saint Petersburg, festive events take place every year on the city's birthday.

Every year the City Day celebration program is unique, the events organized on this day gladden the city inhabitants and guests of all ages. Usually this holiday is celebrated during the whole weekend before or after May 27. The sequence of entertaining and solemn events cover the entire Northern capital, so no one can stay away from the favorite city' birthday celebration.

One of the festival's main traditions is the laying of flowers at the Peter I monument - the famous Bronze horsemen. On palace square there will be a stage, from which music, movie, circus and sports stars are going to keep Petersburg residents in high spirits. On May 27 lots of exhibitions, excursions, performances and flashmobs are organized throughout the city. The final chord of the City Day celebration is going to be a solemn fireworks festival.