“Saint George Tournament” Reenactment. "Kolomenskoye" Museum-Reserve

“Saint George Tournament” Reenactment. "Kolomenskoye" Museum-Reserve
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29 April – 1 May. The knights from Russia, Germany and Norway will meet on the tiltyard to fight for the title of the best warrior.

This is going to be the largest and most historically accurate knights’ show that has ever been organized in Russia. The tournament is going to take place on April 29 - May 1 in Kolomenskoe, and starts at noon.

Saint George Tournament is the second project of the “Ratobortsy” agency, dedicated to tournaments. After their first festival called “Times and epochs. Middle Ages” achieved spectacular success, attracting more than 220,000 people over two days, they decided to recreate the culture of chivalrous competition from the XV century. There will not be any props or adherence to modern conventions – you are going to witness a purely historical and authentic reenactment.