Peter the Great Day, Kolomenskoe museum-resort

Peter the Great Day, Kolomenskoe museum-resort
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May, 28. Peter the Great's name has been closely connected with Kolomenskoe for many centuries.

Kolomenskoe used to be the favorite summer residence of Peter's father - Aleksey Mikhailovich Romanov. A XVIII century legend gives Kolomenskoe the title of "Russian Bethlehem", because it was the birthplace of Peter. According to the legend, young Peter used to learn to read and write in the oak grove near the Tsar Court. Nowadays Peter's House is situated alongside the grove. It has been brought here from Arkhangelsk by P.Baranovsky - the first director of the museum-resort. Since 2013 in Kolomenskoe there is also a copy of Peter's house from Zaandam (Netherlands).

The festival visitors are going to enjoy a quest route dedicated to the first Russian emperor's birthday.