New Year`s Eve 2017 - how to celebrate, what to wear, and what to cook

New Year`s Eve 2017 - how to celebrate, what to wear, and what to cook
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New Year’s Eve is the most anticipated holiday – it doesn’t just bring the holiday atmosphere, plenty of gifts, good company, and a plentiful festive table, but also, the most important thing for everyone, hope. One cannot look to the future without it, which means you should do your best to be successful in the coming year to make all your dreams come true.

What is the best way to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2017, and where should I do it?

The sign of the coming year is the Fiery Rooster. Its likes and dislikes will mostly determine the events that every one of us will inevitably have to face during the next 12 months. Thus, the best strategy for New Year’s Eve is a proper New Year’s Eve 2017 celebration, in order to make the guardian happy and favorably disposed towards all our undertakings. The Fiery Rooster favors long-standing family traditions. This is why celebrating New Year’s Eve 2017 at home among your family and loved ones is recommended.

A noisy (but not bacchanalian) gathering of friends and family will surely catch the fancy of the eccentric and emotional sign from the Chinese zodiac.

What to wear to celebrate the year of the Rooster

The best color scheme to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2017 is red and gold. Go easy on low-necked dresses and transparent fabrics. Such an image will not attract the oversensitive Rooster. A lady should wear a nice cocktail dress of red, yellow, or gold pastel tones, high-heeled shoes - which visually make her legs look longer and more beautiful – and accessories that match the primary color of the outfit. Gold (or similar) or pearl (including artificial) jewelry will be a great adornment.

Men can do without such formal attire on New Year's Eve. But if a gentleman arrives at a party arm in arm with his better half, he should dress to the occasion. Suits can greatly reduce the level of comfort at such a joyful celebration, but welcoming New Year 2017 wearing casual clothes or every-day apparel will look almost immoral in the eyes of the pedantic Fire Rooster.

How to decorate your house or New Year tree

The color scheme for your house decorations should correspond to the Fire Rooster’s favorite scheme. Similarly, you can decorate the house with green and blue, which along with red are traditional for the New Year’s Eve holidays.

The interior must be predominantly decorated with natural materials. It’s difficult to have too many lights, since it’s impossible to imagine New Year’s Eve without lights, colors, smiles, and everything else that comes with it.

The Fire Rooster, like many living things, will applaud the presence of an artificial tree, which does not detract from his love for natural materials. Use tinsel of golden and red shades - this will give the center of the upcoming celebrations, the Christmas tree, a luxurious and elegant look and it will beautifully accentuate the New Year’s Eve atmosphere. To combat the pretentious feeling in the room, you can decorate the interior with soft throw blankets, which are a good companion during cold winter days – they bring coziness and a feeling of festive celebration to your home. The best decoration for New Year’s Eve 2017 is ripe, red apples, matching the Fiery Rooster’s favorite color. You can use the Rooster figurine as a Christmas tree topper.

What to cook for the festive New Year’s Eve 2017 table, and what to use for a table setting

The New Year’s Eve 2017 table should be free of fowl, including poultry. Serving lamb, beef or pork is advisable. You should scratch fowl off the menu, including ducks, turkey, and quails. Using eggs as decoration at the New Year's table is not advisable. Table layout should also take into account the tastes of the sign of the year 2017. Use a monochromatic light colored cloth that will not attract attention. The dishes, on the other hand, can be bright, preferably made of natural materials. Synthetics and plastics should be avoided this year.