N.Rybakov Theater Festival, Tambov

N.Rybakov Theater Festival, Tambov
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May, 10-19. The N.Rybakov Festival has been taking place in the Tambov Region since 2007.

This festival is quite unusual for Russian theater. This contest is unique because it is designed especially for actors, and the jury evaluates their performance and originality. The festival bears the name of a famous Russian actor Nikolai Rybakov, who finished his career and lived out the rest of his life in Tambov.

The interregional Rybakov Theater Festival is the focus of the rapt attention from not only the Tambov inhabitants, but also of the entire Russian theater community. The best theater groups participate in the contest. Once a year spectators from Tambov may savor the best Russian theater can offer. Over the ten years of the festival’s existence the region’s inhabitants and guests of Tambov have watched the plays of dozens of theaters form different parts of Russia and CIS, and have had the opportunity to enjoy the boldest ideas of theater directors, and get acquainted with the luminaries of the Russian stage. Every year the list of honorable guests includes famous theater groups from Ukraine, Estonia, Belarus and Moscow.