Maslenitsa - "blini" and open air celebrations

Maslenitsa - "blini" and open air celebrations
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It is hard to trace the Maslenitsa' origins because of the lack of information.

What is known now is that this festival appeared during the time of polytheism and there was a tradition to burn doll - a figure of Maslenitsa that symbolised disposal of sorrow and misfortune. Also, the celebration included such amusements as sleigh ride, taking a snow town and fist fighting.

Go back to nowadays where Maslenitsa is still alive. This year Maslenitsa lasts from February 20th to February 26th. Celebrating this event people see off winter and meet spring. This festival lasts 7 days each of them has its own name, the meaning of which coincide to what everyone should do during this day. As a matter of fact, people just have fun, spend time with their family, participating in different entertainments. In local parks and museum-reserves are restored indicative games for such festival, including a performance of funny songs. Such joyful way of celebration has a connection with popular belief: the more fun you have, the more prosperity you will get. 

As well there is one typical dish for Maslenitsa it is "blini". There are a lot of different recipes to cook this plate, using water, milk or kefir. Filling of blini can be various as well from meet to honey.