“Game World” Festival, Petrovo village, “Ethnomir”

“Game World” Festival, Petrovo village, “Ethnomir”
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April 29 – May 1. During these long May holidays we invite you to spend some time with your closest ones at the best family festival – “Game World”!

Dozens of fabulous games will be available for you to enjoy at “Ethnomir” this weekend. Play billiards on a table without pockets, miniature golf, twister, limbo, hacky sack or good old elastics. Loads of board games will be prepared for you: mancala, jenga, dominoes, tangram, shogi, go, nim, mahjong, battleship, and more! And of course, traditional favorite Russian national activities are not going to be forgotten: stilts, pole stilts, wood sawing, and woodpile gathering.

Mimes, clowns and jesters are going to create an incredibly fun, festive mood. Feast your eyes on performances and take pictures with our cheerful characters!