Estate Jazz Festival at the Arkhangelskoye Estate

Estate Jazz Festival at the Arkhangelskoye Estate
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July 1. In the 14 years of its existence, Estate Jazz Festival has become one of the most cherished musical events of the year for the Muscovites, Petersburgers and citizens of Voronezh and Yekaterinburg, and the most popular Russian Jazz festival with patrons from abroad.

Among participants from previous years are such recognized jazz performers as Yuseef Lateef and Branford Marsalis, along with relatively young stars such as Robert Glasper and Snarky Puppy, and favorite Russian musicians Aquarium, Igor Butman, Leonid Agutin and many others. More than 1000 musicians from all over the world have performed throughout the history of the festival. They regularly invite new musicians and organize contests among students from music schools and universities, and the most talented of those are offered a place in the festival. Estate Jazz has become the leading launching pad for such currently well-known musicians as Nino Katamadze & Insight, Anton Belyaev and Therr Maitz.

There is no such festival anywhere else in Russia – a fact that was noted by many festival visitors and concert industry professionals. And it is not only about music: the festival crew has managed to create an atmosphere where anybody with a positive attitude, who appreciates good company and loves life, would want to be a part of. Every year one can meet all kinds of creative people hanging around Russian estates and castles at the festival: artists, designers, restaurateurs, poets and many others. For cities like Voronezh or Yekaterinburg, Estate Jazz has become a cultural center, and set the stage for a new level of mass events. The festival has established itself in the international calendar of festivals, and has become Russia's calling card in the cultural of the world.

In the XIX century Prince Usupov's Estate was an appealing place for the nonconformists of the time: it’s where receptions featuring Pushkin, Karamzin, Stravinsky, and Serov were held. Jazz Estate Festival, gathering the most sophisticated audience, continues this tradition into the XXI century. Over the years the festival has become one of the symbols of Akhangelskoye, so it is not without reason that the date of the museum's centenary nearly coincides with the date of the festival’s 15th anniversary. This summer you will again be able to see a lot of unforgettable performances: superstars and sophisticated music on the "Parter" and "Aristocrat" stages, and young and up and coming artists on the "Indicator" stage. The festival will also have an expanded VIP-platform, art objects, a large children's program (children under 10 years old can enter the festival for free) and many other activities! Follow the festival pages online to be first to learn news from the festival and participate in our contests.

Moscow Festival Program

1. Parter

The main event of the festival will be performance eccentric funk evangelist and Grammy Award winner Bootsy Collins, his first in Russia. The 65-year-old bass player was a colleague of James Brown and George Clinton, recorded duets with Fatboy Slim and Snoop Dogg, had a major impact on the work of Jamiroquai and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and in 1997 was introduced to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

A special set will also be played by the mainstays of the Jazz Estate - Nino Katamadze & Insight - a Georgian singer who has already performed at the festival in Moscow ten times. Another headliner will be an Israeli actress and singer of Ethiopian origin, Ester Rada. Her music combines such genres as jazz, R&B, soul, funk, paired with magical vocals, which brings the best of the styles of Nina Simon and Ella Fitzgerald. Alexei Chumakov, a famous singer and Russian TV host, will introduce a special festival program to our guests.

2. Aristocrat

The main stars of the most refined venue in the festival will be the Norwegian nu-jazz trumpeter Nils Petter Molvær and the New York soul singer and guitarist Raul Midon. Midon, blind from birth, was proclaimed a new jazz star after his debut performance in David Letterman's show, and became famous for his collaborations with Shakira, Julio Iglesias and Herbie Hancock. The big jazz orchestra under the direction of Peter Vostokov will present the "Jazz in Butterflies" program, and the legendary saxophonist Alexei Kozlov will perform with his band "Arsenal".

3. Indicator

Young artists will appear on this stage: Manizha, whose debut album Manuscript took off at the top of the Russian iTunes charts this season, Yekaterinburg's group "Two Two" and Muscovites "Flower 15". They will be joined by the Russian-American group Pompeya – past performers at music festivals in Texas and New York, and the British Ezra Collective.

4. Jazz kids

Stage Manor Jazz kids will present a program for children of all ages. The musicians will conduct interactive master classes, where they will talk about the journeys of jazz rhythms - from Central Africa to New Orleans, from the dance clubs of Brazil to the gypsy camps of the South of France. The street orchestras will guide the audience into the world of rhythm for all comers, and the finalists of the children's music competition at the festival will perform on the stage.