Confederations Cup in Russia: The Final Countdown

Confederations Cup in Russia: The Final Countdown
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A little over two months are left until the start of Confederations Cup 2017, this time hosted by Russia, and the preparations are now in full swing.

‘Zenit-Arena’, a spaceship-like stadium located in Saint Petersburg, will become one of the central hubs of the upcoming tournament. Zenit-Arena is without a doubt the largest building project in modern Russian sports history. It took enormous effort and a whole decade to complete its construction. Located in a picturesque area bordering the Gulf of Finland, this stadium has 67.8 thousand seats, offers visitors a well-prepared suite of visitor services and infrastructure.
On April 12th, when Russia celebrated the Day of Cosmonautics, a drill was organized to check the safety conditions of Zenit-Arena.
The volunteers taking part in the drill belong to the lucky few who have already had the chance to actually see the stadium from the inside. Zenit-Arena remains hidden from the public eye, as some minor technical work is still in progress there. ‘Russia for Me’, presented by Viktoria Kuzmenko, had the rare opportunity to capture the current state of Zenit-Arena. It may not be perfect just yet, but quite promising, isn’t it? And it is absolutely safe – the stadium remained unaffected after the last flare ‘attack’ staged by fans. No volunteer was harmed in any way, all of whom were excited to be part of such an activity, and are looking forward to presenting Russia and Zenit-Arena to the football world.
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