Worth seeing in St. Petersburg

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St. Petersburg is a city of contrasts, the sky is constantly gloomy and the people are always friendly. Most tourists choose to visit this city because of its large number of landmarks, such as the State Hermitage Museum, Church of the Savior on Blood, the Russian Museum, Saint Isaac’s Cathedral, etc. St. Petersburg has a lot to be famous for. Everyone wants to see the landmarks, but few want to get to know the city from within. In this article we have compiled the places where no tourist’s foot may tread.

St. Petersburg’s underground

St. Petersburg’s soul. Courtyards, exquisite graffiti, the Rotunda, the Beatles Museum.   

The neighbors in these houses probably got to know each other long ago. Aren’t the houses romantic? You get up in the morning, look out the window, brew your coffee and wave to your neighbor.

St. Petersburg well

The Rotunda.

What is it? It is one of the most legendary and mysterious places in St. Petersburg, at the address 57 Gorohovaya Street. Behind the rusty door of the grand entrance a masterpiece is hidden. Rumors are that the Devil sometimes descends these stairs!

the grand entrance


Forget your hopes

Graffiti-portraits by the HoodGraff team can be seen all over the city. I’ll give you only one hint. The portrait of Sergey Bodrov is situated near the metro station Alexander Nevsky’s Square. The others are yours to find. It’s much more interesting this way, isn’t it? What’s more, you can see lots of other places of interest while searching.


Mr. Bean

What is the strength in, brother?

Steve Jobs

The yards filled with graffiti in Liteyny. Fling yourself into St. Petersburg’s underground.

Graffiti in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg’s underground

Street style

The Beatles Museum.

Situated in a street with an appropriate name – John Lenon’s Street in the “Pushkinskaya 10” art center. To keep things interesting, I’ll tell you no more.

John Lenon’s Street

Pushkinskaya street

And lastly, everybody loves holidays, don’t they? The legendary bar Purga celebrates the New Year every day! The address is 11 Fontanka riverwalk.

Snowstorm in St. Petersburg


If you want to really understand a city, you should get to know it from within. Spend more time wandering around without a guide. Become discoverers. Take notes and photos, and share your thoughts and experiences with your friends. And don’t forget to visit The Hermitage and Saint Isaac’s Cathedral. From the cathedral you can take in a wonderful view of the city.

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