What is there to do in Saint Petersburg in spring?

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spring in spb

How do you spend an unforgettable spring in Saint Petersburg? Peter (as we call it in Russia) is a city that won’t let you feel bored. The following set of various extraordinary events will prove this.

1. Enjoy cherry blossom season.

Every year Petersburgers can find themselves in exotic Japan for several spring hours. In the Botanical garden in May there is a special festival dedicated to sakura “Sakura- Matsuri”. Some of the flowers will have already been in blossom since the end of April

2. See the opening of the fountains in Peterhof

Russian Versailles

One of the highlights of spring happens at Russian Versailles. This year the opening of the fountains in Peterhof is planned for the 29th of April. This event has nothing in common with the amazing, but posh closing ceremony. Here you’ll sense the spring coming as water reaches each fountain.  

3. Eat the smelt

the smelt

The smell of cucumber in Saint Petersburg in the middle of April will mark the star of the smelt season. This symbol of the Northern Capital can be found and bought anywhere: near the subway, in supermarkets and in restaurants. There’ll be a festival of the smelt with songs, competitions and trats on the 13th -14th of May

4. Visit the theater for (almost!) free

Theatre. Go

On the 27th of March, on theatre day there will be a special campaign called “Theatre. Go”. For 24 hours you will have the opportunity to buy tickets to the theatres in Saint Petersburg for just 10% of their original cost. This campaign is aimed at raising the popularity of the theatres. Once purchased, the tickets are valid for all the performances till the end of the season. It´s a great chance to become closer to art.

5. To go aboard the icebreaker


A special festival of icebreakers will take place on the 29th-30th of April. In the Neva there will be “dances of powerful steel giants”. During this festival one will watch a film about the pioneers of the Northern Seas. In addition, people will be allowed to board the famous icebreakers for free.

6. Take a picture of tulips

The festival of tulips on Yelagin Island has conquered the souls of both the Petersburgers and the visitors of the Second Russian Capital. This magnificent event has become the most-awaited festival of spring. Kirov´s park will be covered with thousands of tulips on the 13th’14th of May.

7. To have a ride on the metro at night

During the summer you can ride the metro, even at night. This opportunity allows you to see the raising of bridges, to visit Dymskaya street, and just forget about the time. On Easter, on the 16th of April, the metro will operate for 24 hours.

8. Visit the Night of Museums

This year the theme of this cultural event is ecology. One can visit palaces, archives, and historical monuments on the night of the 21st of May. This year, for the first time, the Summer Garden will be a part of this event. It will reveal its secrets and show the changes in its appearance from the times of Peter the Great to now.

9. Visit a concert in the open air

Saint Petersburg turns into an open-air concert venue during the summer. Music and songs can be heard everywhere in parks and gardens. The 20th of May is the Day of Street Music in St. Petersburg, and on its birthday Saint Petersburg will welcome all comers at Palace Square, where there will be a traditional concert of the symphony orchestra and opera singers.

And finally, our advice:

You are planning your upcoming summer vacation and can’t decide where to go: Moscow or Saint Petersburg?  The answer is evident! Choose Peter!

This summer the central Moscow streets and squares are undergoing the third stage of modernization, so the air will be full of dust. No doubt, by the 2018 FIFA World Cup the capital will have become unrecognizable. So we recommend you choose some city other than Moscow this summer, with its global construction projects going on.