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Yaroslavl is a regional center and one of the Golden Ring cities. Yaroslavl is one of the centers of Volga tourism with convenient infrastructure, plenty of attractions and museums, a decent choice of hotels and excellent options for active leisure activities including trekking and fishing.

Yaroslavl was founded over a thousand years ago by the Great Prince Yaroslav the Wise as a town-fortress on the right bank of the Volga where the Kotorosl flows into it, and in the 10th century was an old Russian settlement called Bear’s Corner. According to the legend the Prince conquered the locals by killing a bear, their sacred animal. This legend is depicted on the city’s coat of arms. By the middle of the 16th century Yaroslavl had turned into an important transit point for the trade between Moscow and countries in the West and in the East.


The 17th century was a golden era in the history of Yaroslavl. It was a period of rapid economic growth, cultural prosperity, the emergence of its style (Yaroslavl School)[JM1] , in architecture and painting, the creation of magnificent temple ensembles, which today still define the appearance of the city. By the mid-19th century Yaroslavl was completely rebuilt with a regular plan, the Mytnaya Court assemblies and the Governor's House were erected. And so the city turned into today’s Yaroslavl - a valuable monument of urban planning that conserves almost all the styles of Russian architecture over the past five centuries.

There are many things to see in Yaroslavl, like in many other Golden Ring cities. The historic center should be explored on foot on your own or by joining a tour. You will find many houses built in the 16th - 19th centuries. New houses are constructed strictly adhering to the traditional architectural style.

The main attractions to visit initially are The Transfiguration Monastery of the cathedral that goes by the same name, several museums, the incredible beauty of the Church of Elijah the Prophet, and the Volga embankment and the Yaroslavl Art Museum.

In honor of the 1000th anniversary of Yaroslavl a park and monuments were built depicting historic characters who had an impact on the history of the city. On the 1000 ruble banknote you can see the monument to Yaroslav the Wise. The original monument is located here in the square of the Epiphany. Since the bear is a special animal to Yaroslavl it also has a dedicated monument on Pervomayskaya street.

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After exploring the city's attractions you can always relax in cozy cafés on every corner. Good music and delicious smells are in the air enticing hungry travelers.

Having a good time in Yaroslavl

The city also has a very good zoo, and a dolphinarium where you can not only watch an amazing show but also swim with the intelligent dolphins. Volkov Drama Theatre is one of the largest in the Russian province. In addition there are many cafés and bars where you can relax after a busy day.

Tourists are always welcomed warmly in Yaroslavl. Amateur artists can always find peace of mind by visiting the Jazz center, which features many star performers. They can also enjoy modern graffiti that covers the pillars of the Tolbukhine Bridge. Recently the city has begun hosting The Creative City Festival, which gathers craftsmen from all over the country. Anyone who has come to this city once will inevitably want to return.

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