Sergiyev Posad

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the spiritual centre
Those who wish to learn something new about Russian history should definitely visit Sergiyev Posad. It is the only city in the Golden Ring that is located in the Moscow Region. It will take you only an hour to travel from the busy capital to the quiet and cozy Sergiyev Posad. You will recognize it at once by its golden onion domes. In the middle of the 14th century at the site of today’s Sergiyev Posad the Russian wonderworker Sergius of Radonezh founded the Trinity Monastery. It is easy to guess that the city was named after its founder. The monastery did not stand alone for long. People came and built their houses around it. Two centuries later a trade and industrial settlement was erected, a Posad.

It is worth mentioning that the monastery was not only a place where the residents of the city went to worship. Russian rulers turned it into a real fortress that periodically withstood attacks from enemy armies. Today the Trinity Monastery is on the UN World Heritage List and is one of the most interesting places in Sergiyev Posad.

The first place you should visit is obviously the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius.

You can clearly see numerous buildings inside the strong walls. They enclose some 50 buildings including the Ecclesiastical Academy, the Seminary and the Friatry! In the Lavra alone you can wander around for hours marveling at curious wall paintings, studying museum collections, books and icons. Take the opportunity to drop by the Trinity Cathedral. It is here that the relics of St. Sergius of Radonezh rest. During the visit to Sergiyev Posad an experienced guide will definitely show you Sergius’ Water Well Chapel. As the legend goes, the well was discovered by Sergius of Radonezh. He took water from it for his brothers every day.

The Chernigovsky Hermitage is another attraction in the city. Pilgrims from different corners of our country flock to the Hermitage. All of them strive to see the miraculous icon of the Mother of God of Chernigov and receive the blessing of the wise monks.

The Golden Ring

Both young and old should visit the Toy Museum that will leave no one unexcited. And to immerse oneself into the time of the founding of the city it is worthwhile to visit the Museum of the Peasant’s Household Zhili-Byli. Legends, fairytales, samovars and a real Russian stove are always there.

Ten minutes away is the famous village of Abramtsevo. Many years ago it was an aristocratic estate which later was home to many famous philosophers, historians, actors and writers.

On the outskirts of Sergiyev Posad in the village of Deulino you can travel to an ancient lake. An ordinary water reserve (as it may seem) was the place where in the 17th century Russia and Poland negotiated for peace. The Church of Sergius of Radonezh was built to honor the memory of the event.

To the southeast of the city it is worthwhile to visit the Gremyachi waterfall, famous for its curative powers. 

Sergiyev Posad has accommodation for every purse and purpose. Those who look for budget-friendly accommodations will find hostels, while upscale travelers will find hotels designed like tsar’s palaces. Travelers with big families or groups of friends can find accommodation in apartments or inexpensive rooms not far from the Monastery.

golden architecture

A busy excursion program will surely work up your appetite. Here you will not get by without finding a restaurant with Russian cuisine. Try local blini (pancakes), kurniki (chicken pies), medovukha (mead) and other specialties. Those who want to have a more immersive experience in the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius can enjoy a meal at its dining room. You will be offered a lean but delicious meal.

July is an excellent month to travel to Sergiyev Posad. At this time the Air Balloons Festival is celebrated, which is a colorful and fascinating show. In August you can be there for the Breath of the North Indigenous Peoples’ Festival.

September is the time for the Rusian Matrioshka Festival. By the way, according to some sources, this iconic souvenir first appeared in Sergiyev Posad. You will easily find many beautiful wooden matrioshkas in the gift shops.

The endless flow of pilgrims to the Trinity Monastery, noisy crowds of tourists, the buzz and hubbub in the gift shops are what Sergiyev Posad is about. It is diverse, but everyone can find something to call their own here. Sergiyev Posad is called the pearl of Russia’s Golden Ring. It is a place you will want to visit again and again.