Rostov the Great

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The Rostov Kremlin
Rostov the Great is one of the oldest Russian cities and is considered one of the main cities of the famous Golden Ring in Russia. It is located in the Yaroslavl Region approximately 200 km from Moscow. You can travel to this ancient city both by car and by train as well as by bus.

Rostov is over a thousand years old. It is first mentioned in chronicles in 862. The city was founded on the bank of the Pizherma River. The area was originally inhabited by Finno-Ugric tribes. Slavs came to this land in the 9th-11th centuries. Until the 16th century it was home to the representatives of the Prince of Kiev and the court of Rostov princes. Over its history the city stood among the cultural, economic, religious, and trade centers of the State.

Its most recognizable feature is a number of architectural monuments, some of which date back to early centuries. A large number of excursion programs allow visitors to thoroughly explore this city.

Rostov the Great has many things worth checking out. The Kremlin is one of the most famous. It was initially built as a bishop’s residence. The Rostov Kremlin was the scenery for many famous soviet films. The city will amaze you with plenty of churches and monasteries.

The following sites are worth a visit:

·         The Church of the Savior on the Sands.

·         The Monastery of Sts. Boris and Gleb.

·         The Church of St. Nicholas-on-the-Fields.

·         The Christmas monastery and many others.

Rostov the Great

Many of the houses on the streets of Rostov the Great were built in the 18th-19th centuries including the Secondary Boys School, Gostiny Dvor, the Earthworks, the Mytnaya Yard, etc... If you are interested in nature, most tourists travel to Lake Nero. In the city there are many hotels and inns with good service and polite staffs. Many cafes and restaurants offer tasty and inexpensive dining options.

In February and March the residents and visitors of Rostov welcome spring. It is a custom to celebrate a weeklong Maslenitsa inside the walls of the Kremlin eating delicious pancakes and drinking mead. Traditional games and parties culminate in burning Maslenitsa’s straw puppet, which represents the outgoing winter.

Early in June music lovers can attend “Living Old Days”. In mid-July Aeronauts’ Festival is celebrated. Summer culminates in a massive fair where original Rostov souvenirs can be bought.

The Folk Arts Museum is open allowing everyone to handcraft gifts from bark or wood. Yaroslavna complex is located on Lake Nero, where you can go fishing, paragliding, horseback riding, or play volleyball or mini football.

Try not to skip the city of Yaroslavl, which is the center of the region. Check out Uglich, where the famous tsarevich Dmitry was assassinated. In Pereslavl-Zalessky young Peter the First was captivated by the idea of creating a toy flotilla. The Plesheevo Lake’s majestic beauty is spellbinding. Other cities worth visiting include Myshkin, Rybinsk and Tutaev. If you’ve decide to see the cities of our country that conserve centuries-old history you will definitely visit Rostov the Great.