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Domes of Kostroma
Welcome to Kostroma! Kostroma is an old city situated on both sides of the Volga river. It has been a popular tourist destination for many years and is a waypoint on the famous Golden Ring itinerary.
Fire Tower

You can travel to the city by different means of transport, including by bus or by train from Moscow. You can even take a flight from Saint Petersburg. Today Kostroma, which is a large river port, is a modern city, and is among the top 5 most developed cities in Russia.

The season for Volga cruises starts in May and lasts until October. This kind of trip is good for all types of visitors and will entertain them with an informative excursions program.

City on the Volga

Kostroma was founded in the same year as Moscow. The city has preserved churches and temples built in the 12th century. One of them held the wedding ceremony of the first representatives of the Russian imperial dynasty of Romanov. To immerse oneself into the city’s history one should walk its streets and see everything with his or her own eyes.

Every visitor asks the same question: where do I begin the tour? Naturally, it is impossible to inspect all of the city from the inside out in just one visit. It would not be as interesting visiting the city alone either. Thus, you should instead join a tourist group following the most recommended itinerary, visiting all the most important attractions.

Naturally, we begin with the Ipatiev Monastery. The first tsar of the house of Romanov had his wedding ceremony in this exact place. The temple’s amazing aura will make you feel like you are at your own coronation. Next to the monastery there is another attraction – the Archive Museum Preserve. You will enjoy historic expositions dedicated to the history of ancient Russia, religious ceremonies and other prominent events. After that we head to the city center. We make a stop and have dinner in one of the ethnic cafes. Here you will be offered a choice of delicious dishes, each with its own highlights.

Moving on, you should visit the famous Ice House where the legendary heroine of Russian fairy tales Snegurochka lives. She will meet you in person and show you around each room. In one of them you will see a collection of tiny conifer tree models. They are made of different materials. We also recommend that you visit the Ice Hall. If you travel with kids, you will be especially interested in the puppet show, where you will be able to chat with Ded Moroz. We will end our tour with a river trip, but not before we drop by Ostrovsky’s Pavilion. This cozy Pavilion is located at a picturesque location overlooking the Volga river. Among the locals the Pavilion is considered the most popular choice for marriage proposals. Once you have had time to enjoy the view we will embark on the Volga river cruise.

The outskirts of the city are modern enough. Here you will find many Contemporary Arts Exhibitions, arts-cafes, a few stores, and picturesque parks with lakes and ponds. Outside the city there is a moose farm. Treat yourself with different fish dishes, pancakes with all kinds of fillings, with the main treats being pancakes with red caviar, borscht with sour cream, and pies with egg and onion. For dessert you can try many different types of jam.

Kostroma is famous for sweets and gingerbread. "Kostroma" cheese and other dairy products are recommended for the gourmets.

You can find all classes of accommodation inside the city or in the countryside. If you want to find lodging closer to the city center and its attractions, hotels and hostels will suit you well, and nature lovers can choose one of the country houses.

Come to Kostroma for the New Year’s Eve holidays. There is plenty of snow in winter.  Many New Year’s Eve Fairs and costume parties are held in the open air. New Year’s Eve can be celebrated right at the main city square, where you can feast your eyes on the main Christmas Tree and festive fireworks, all while drinking hot drinks.  New Year’s Eve celebrations will be interesting to visitors young and old.

If you come here in spring, you’ll find it is the best time to immerse yourself into an aura of magic, because at this time of year the Russian Fairy Tales Fair is held, featuring characters from Russian legends. Here you will find the most important Kostroma souvenirs, the clay toys. Besides typical gifts like magnets you will also find exclusive items made from wood, linen shorts, straw shoes, jewelry-boxes and painted dinnerware. Summer is the best time for music festivals and art shows in the countryside. Immerse yourself in the dramatic performances of young actors, the modern music, and the beauty of nature.

Autumn in Kostroma is famous for the Golden Ring International Jewelry Festival, where all international brands are represented. You will enjoy seeing gold and silver jewels and precious stones, and you can even buy some of them, if you want.

You can travel to Kostroma at any time of year. The city has the ability to surprise and amaze visitors with its beauty and mystery. If you are looking for a place to spend your vacation, do not hesitate to come here. Kostroma looks forward to welcoming you!