Tourist attractions of Primorsky Krai

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Landmarks of the Cities of Primorsky Krai

In Primorye, there are unique places and attractions, visiting which every Russian or a foreigner will receive new unforgettable impressions. Most of the seaside attractions are located in places that can be easily reached by transport.

For the sake of visiting cultural, historical and natural monuments tourists are striving to seaside cities: Vladivostok, Ussuriysk, Nakhodka, Partizansk, Artem, Arsenyev. Among the various attractions of Primorye, we recommend paying special attention to the following:

You can learn about history, ancient and modern culture, flora and fauna of Primorye in museums located all over the region. In the museums of biology and zoology, collections unique in their entirety are presented, acquainting themselves with the coastal fauna. Military-historical exhibitions reflect the history of the military glory of Primorye.

Numerous historical, archaeological, ethnographic museums have collected materials obtained by archaeologists in expeditions throughout the Far East. Many of these findings are unique and of particular scientific value. Also, archaeological excavations are open for visits to the ancient history of the Primorye Territory.

Near Partizansk located Nikolayevskoe and Shaiginsky hillfort, which are unique monuments dating back to the era of the early Middle Ages, when the territory of Primorye was part of the state of Bohai.

In the vicinity of the city of Arsenyev there are about 40 different archaeological sites: settlements, settlements, caves, and caves, which are enthusiastically explored by speleologists.

The Sukhanov House Museum is the only museum in the Far East of Russia that represents the life and life of a tsarist official of the 19th and 20th centuries. Here you will be photographed in the old interior of the museum; You can have a nice time over a cup of tea in the retro dining room; listen to the old gramophone; to play the old pianoforte.

The Vladivostok fortress is the only Russian sea fortress preserved on the territory of Russia. This is a unique monument of military-defensive architecture of the late XIX - early XX centuries. The guns of Vladivostok Fortress for all its history did not manage to make a single shot at the enemy due to the fact that the enemy considered it extremely unprofitable to enter into competition with such powerful fortifications. Now forts, redoubts and batteries of the Naval fortress of Vladivostok have been turned into museum complexes and are a unique monument.

Thanks to the talent of the architects, Primorye - one of the most beautiful corners of our country, attracts visitors with its architectural monuments. You will see irresistible temples and churches, unusually beautiful buildings, ancient houses with elegant and ornate decorations, some of the buildings are an exact copy of their St. Petersburg brothers.

Large cities of Primorye hospitably open the doors of the exhibition halls and galleries, in which collections of works of art are collected. The regional children's art gallery is the place of exhibitions and competitions of drawings of young pupils of art schools, whose personal exhibitions have been held repeatedly in Italy, America, Canada, USA, India, Germany and Japan.

The true pride of the Primorye Territory is the Palace of Culture and concert halls, under whose arches there were "star" voices.

Primorye lives an active business life. In the province there are several exhibition centers, where congresses, forums, festivals, industrial exhibitions and fairs are held.

Pleasure boats plow the water area of ​​the Amur Bay, with their sides open picturesque landscapes. To services of tourists routes of different duration.

On the Korabelnaya Embankment, along which military ship memorials are located, during the celebrations one can see a parade. Invariable interest of tourists is the visit of real giant sailboats "Pallada" and "Hope".

In the center of Vladivostok there is an oceanarium. Various representatives of the wildlife of Primorye are represented here.

The views of tourists invariably attract the panorama of Vladivostok, which opens with the only funicular in Russia. Stunningly beautiful night panorama of the city is advised to admire the observation platforms on the street. Gogol and Prospect Beauty. Vladivostok is the most romantic city of Primorye. Beautiful embankments give it a mystery and subtle charm, turn it into a city of lovers, walking up to dawn over the Arbat, resting on benches of picturesque parks and avenues.

The Botanical Garden is a well-known museum and a laboratory of wildlife, where many plants from all continents of the Earth are collected. Here you will see large collections of palm trees, pines, bamboos, oaks and many exotic plants. We recommend visiting a famous rose garden and enjoying the beauty of rare azaleas, camellias and orchids, wander through picturesque paths and lawns.

"Stone of Friendship" - according to the legend - the mayor of the city of Maydzur, the geographical twin of Nakhodka, knocked out of the rock. Brought to Russia by the Japanese delegation, the sign has inscriptions in Japanese and Russian