The Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Primorsky Krai

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The Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Primorsky Krai

Top-10 tourist places in Primorsky Krai, which are simply necessary to visit, in order to get an idea of ​​the amazing beauty of the region.

The participants of the PrimDiscovery project Alexander Khitrov and Daria Chervova time after time open Primorye for their readers, tell about amazing places, interesting people and their history.

1. Route "The path of Arseniev"

New ecological and educational route in the Sikhote-Alin Reserve.

The route "Arsenyev's Path" repeats the section of the traveler's path, ethnographer and writer Vladimir Arsenyev during the 1906 expedition.


A group of 3-4 people, accompanied by an inspector for five days, walks 56 kilometers along the very heart of Sikhote-Alin, completely immersed in the amazing history of this place.

Five thematic huts on the trail are dedicated to the works of Vladimir Arseniev. At the end of last year PrimDiscovery even released a film about their hike along the Arsenyev trail.

The trail is accessible for tourists from August to October.


2. National Park Bikin

The new national park of Primorye, one of the main habitats of the Amur tiger, is located on the western macroslope of the Sikhote-Alin mountain range in the Pozharsky region, the only large basin where large-scale logging has never been conducted.

The visitor of the park here gets acquainted with the traditions and culture of local residents - Udege, travels through a deaf, often impenetrable taiga.


A multi-day boat trip along the "Amazon seaside", the Bikin River is an unforgettable adventure. And in the village of Krasny Yar you can see the life of Udege people, taste their national dishes and learn more about the customs of the indigenous population.

The best time to visit the National Park is the golden autumn.


3. The village of Dersu, settlement of the Old Believers

Dersu (until 1972 Laulu) - a village in the Krasnoarmeisk district of Primorsky Krai stands on the right bank of the Bolshaya Ussurka river.

The settlement of the Old Believers seems something exotic, their traditions and life are always of interest.


Tourists not only from all over the Maritime Territory, but also from all over the world come to Dersu to get acquainted with the culture of immigrants from Bolivia, who exchanged the blessings of civilization for beliefs and faith. Near the village there is a small hotel, ready to receive guests.

The most colorful place here in the warm season.


4. Mount Limestone (Height-611)

Primorye like to go to the mountains, but as a rule it is a couple of the most run-down peaks, panting from the attention of tourists. But there are other worthy options. For example, Lime Mountain in Dalnegorsk. In the people it is often called the Height-611 (in accordance with the height of the mountain).

This place is interesting with history and legends - the ufologists of the whole world heard about the mysterious catastrophe - "the fall of the UFO" to the altitude-611 in January 1986. From the top of the mountain offers a magnificent view of Dalnegorsk, the abandoned quarries and the valley of the Rudnaya River.


It is best to conquer the summit in autumn, climbing takes less than an hour.


5. Lake Blagodatnoe

The ecological path of the Sikhote-Alin Reserve partially passes along the shore of Lake Blagodatnogo and is named in his honor. The path is a refined route with wooden decking, signs and observation platforms.

In the summer, fragrant wildflowers of flowering wild rose are fragrant here, insects chirp and buzz, on the lake surface floats flocks of swans and chomogi, on the side there are graceful herons, fluttering of nodules and oatmeal.


Sometimes on the trail you can see the tracks of a bear and a tiger, but there is nothing to worry about - the group is always accompanied by an experienced employee of the reserve with a firewall and safety knowledge.


6. The Milogradovka River

The river flows through the national park "Zov Tigra", in one of its most beautiful places.

Carved rocks and ledges, crystal water, rushing along cascades and rifts - all this makes Milogradovka "seaside Yellowstone".


The river flows for the most part in the canyon formed by rocky outcrops up to 50 m high. The rocks have a bluish and pink color, which is why the Blue (upstream) and Pink rapids formed in the river.

On the river there is the Marvelous waterfall - the largest waterfall in the Primorsky Territory. On the tributaries of the river there are at least 10 waterfalls, including the highest in the Primorsky Territory waterfall Podnebesny (representing a cascade of three waterfalls, a total height of 59 meters).

representing a cascade of three waterfalls, a height of 19, 25 and 15 m, respectively

7. Waterfall "Star of Primorye"

In the beginning of summer it is best to go and see the waterfall "Star of Primorye" in Lazovsky district. "Star" enters the cascade of several Benevsky (or Elomovsky) waterfalls with a height of 1 to 5 m.

The way to it lies along the path along the murmuring cascades - you need to go about 8 km.


At the end of the path, at the foot of the mountain Lysoy the tourist will be able to see the "Star of Primorye": an 18-meter handsome man, who noisily falls on the stones.

Nearby there is a convenient place for camping, where you can stay at night with a tent.


8. Furugelma Island

The south of Primorsky Krai is famous for its beaches and the beauty of nature. The island of Furugelma is the southernmost island in Primorye. On a small (the size of only 1.5 to 2.5 kilometers) the island is beautiful, like in the tropics - a transparent turquoise sea, white sand, riotous greens.

On Furugelma best to get in August - as part of the excursion.

The island is located on the territory of the Far Eastern marine reserve and is famous for its history (a fur farm where in the last century they wanted to breed blue arctic foxes, the construction of a 130-mm battery of the Khasan sector of Coastal Defense, which in 1945 participated in hostilities against Japan), bird bazaars and a colony black-tailed gulls.


9. The Bay of Telyakovsky

The southernmost bay of the Far Eastern Marine Reserve (along which its border runs) with the purest water, unique nature and rich history.

Beautiful, clean, interesting. Ideal place for bright photos and unforgettable rest. On the rocky banks, descending to the bay, grow red book grave pine, dog rose and rhododendron. In the bay there is a seaside attraction - the island of the languishing heart.

Come here better in the second half of the summer to swim and do snorkeling. You can stop in the village of Andreevka and Vityaz village (next to the bay of the same name).


10. Briner's Light and Cockers Two Brothers

In the village of Rudnaya Pristan in the Dalnegorsky urban district it is nice to get to any season.

The views are fascinating - both the harsh beauty of the northern sea and the rocks, and the seclusion of the old lighthouse built in the 1950s, on whose territory you can walk.

Kekury Two Brothers have long become one of the business cards of the region, their image even appeared on a 1000-ruble note of the 1995 model.

Near the shore of the kekura can be reached by wading. The far is separated by a deep strait and you can get to it by swimming or by boat.