The Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Primorsky Krai

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The Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Primorsky Krai

Primorsky Krai is a unique territory famous for its fascinating nature, spectacular views, long history, and the enormous Sea of Japan. Owing to its remoteness from the European part of Russia, many Russians reject it in favor of traveling somewhere abroad.

If only they knew what a wonderful experience they’re missing, and what a chance they’re blowing. Primorsky Krai is one of a kind. It unites centuries-long history, multinational culture, beautiful preserved nature and a strong resilient character of its locals that has been influenced by the sea, which is not so very surprising, taking into account the fact that the region forms the border with China and Korea to the west and southwest, while its southern side is flanked by the Sea of Japan. It’s the sea that dictates the rules of the game here and defines the climate and the weather of the region. Every year the lowlands are exposed to floods due to cyclones, spring thaws and heavy continuous rains.

We Offer You a List of 10 Top-Rated Sights in Primorsky Krai!

Despite the fairly well-developed infrastructure of the region, forests cover the majority of Primorsky Krai, which is why you can find the biggest Russian reserves and national parks here, with rare and endangered species of flora and fauna. If you’re not sure where to begin your journey across Primorye, we recommend that you visit a unique place in Vladivostok, the Shtykovskiye Prudy Art Park located in Shtykovo village. If you choose to go to this park, you are bound to make some good memories and have the time of your life! The park is substantially different from any other Russian art objects: not only does it introduce the visitors to the unique local nature, it’s also the place for Russian designers and artists to achieve their potential and show what they’re worth.

Shtykovskiye Prudy is a huge territory of 30 hectares where guests can meet the artistic renderings of cartoon characters and representatives of aquatic animals (nearly 40 of them!). In addition, you will find lots of colorful photo zones around the park, where you can take vivid pictures. The main feature of the Art Park is the first Russian Workshop, where craftsmen organize entertaining master classes in pottery, paper marbling and many other crafts. Visitors will have the opportunity to create art objects from polymer clay or jewelry by sculpting silver.

All constructions on the territory of the Art Park are worth your regard as unique examples of modern architecture. You are not going to find any details out of place that stylistically differ from the rest of the exterior. The Shtykovskiye Prudy crew is not only comprised of experienced managers and organizers, but also has four extremely talented artists that turn their ideas into art and amaze visitors with their works.

Shtykovskiye Prudy is a place that gathers all the facilities for family recreation and active vacationing. Skiing, tubing, and skating in winter; having fun at the beach, fishing and aquatic extreme sports in summer will help you to enjoy your holidays to the fullest extent. Drinks and food can be found in three cafes, which offer various menus, including European, Russian and Uzbek cuisine.

The Most Significant and Popular Places in Primorye.

Despite its significant remoteness from the capital, Primorye plays a large role in the formation of economic relations with the Eastern countries. Cities such as Vladivostok, Ussuriysk and Nahodka are the major regional administrative centers. Each city has its own history, and even unique climates, but without their interaction Primorsky Krai wouldn’t be what it is now.

Vladivostok is the center and the capital of the region. This city is considered the starting point of Eastern Russia, and it welcomes its visitors with the triumphal arch Eastern Gates. The city has built a transportation bridge just recently, which finally connected Vladivostok and Russky Island, the latter of which is of great historical importance for Primorsky Krai. Huge battles during the Russo-Japanese War took place on the territory of this island, and now only gravestones and the sea fortress remind us of those events. Every tourist that comes to the capital of the region should definitely visit the island, in order to feel the great forces of our country and the preciousness of every minute spent under the peaceful sky.

Terrestrial Ussuriysk is the main transport hub of the region, and collects all the major highways connecting Primorye. The city is popular with the tourists due to its tremendous Chinese market that offers an amusing choice of exotic goods and is, in fact, the trademark of Ussuriysk. If you want to learn a bit of history, you should visit the city park where the Jurchen Stone Turtle is located, which dates back to the 12th century. In the suburbs of the city you can admire lotuses.

The town of Nahodka has the biggest regional seaport. The town shares roughly the same latitude as Sochi, and, therefore, represents the main tourist center of the region. On the shore of the Vostok bay you can find little Livadia. Picturesque hillocks, beaches and rushing waterfalls attract tourists from all over Russia.

The Most Popular Places in Vladivostok and Their Peculiarities.

As stated above, Vladivostok is not only the center of Primorye, but is also one of the most beautiful and mysterious cities in Russia. Well-developed infrastructure, natural landscape, stylistic diversity of architecture from different eras, and a multinational culture attract both Russians and guests from other countries. Here you will find the most spectacular places in Primorsky Krai, and a great number of sights, museums and interesting routes that not many cities can boast. If you don’t know where to start, we’ve chosen the 10 most popular places in Vladivostok for you.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places of Primorye and Vladivostok.

1. The Railway Station

One peculiar feature of the railway station is its location. It is the final point of the Russian TSR (9288 km)–a fact that you can find mentioned on the block located on the station’s platform. But the main reason for you to visit the station is its building. Tsesarevich Nicolai took part in laying the foundation of this construction in 1893. The buildings are of the Neo-Russian style, but when you come inside you get the feeling that the entire epoch flows before your very eyes.

2. The Islands of The Eugénie Archipelago.

The archipelago consists of 25 islands, 5 of which are considered the biggest: Rikord Island, Russky Island, Shkot Island, Popov Island and Reyneke Island. These islands are the most popular places with the locals as they like to come here when they want to take a rest from the fuss and the noise of the city. You can get to the islands by ferry, and the road to Russky Island travels through a bridge that was built in 2012 in honor of the International Summit. A sea voyage and a trip across the islands will offer you the opportunity see Vladivostok from a completely different angle. We assure you that some incredible places, the photos of which will fill up your family album, are all gathered here.

3. Zolotoy Bridge and Russky Bridge.

The Zolotoy Bridge and the Russky Bridge stand over Golden Horn Bay and Eastern Bosporus. The citizens of Vladivostok have been dreaming about these bridges for a long time, and the transportation system of the city wouldn’t be complete without them. The bridges have become the trademarks and main sights of the city. When driving along the Zolotoy Bridge you can see the whole town and admire the picturesque landscapes of the bay. The Russky Bridge is considered to be the second highest bridge in the world, and the view it offers from above the ships, seeing the sea sparkling in the sun, takes your breath away and forces you to stop in awe and appreciate the beauty of the sight.

4. Rotunda on the Embankment

If you have come to Vladivostok wishing to feel free as a bird, you should definitely visit the Rotunda on the embankment. It’s located along the way to the Ocean cinema and is extremely popular with both local loving couples and guests of the city. From here you can take in a fantastic view over Amur Bay, where the sunbeams play on the surface of the ocean, making it shine and glitter.

5. Funicular and observation deck on the Orlinoye Gnezdo hillock.

Funiculars are rare in Russia. There are only two of them: you can find the first one in Sochi, and the second one here, in Vladivostok. The travel time in the funicular lasts nearly a minute and a half, but you surely will have time to enjoy the splendid scenery of Golden Horn Bay. There is a stairway running parallel to the funicular that leads to the Orlinoye Gnezdo hillock, with an observation deck. From there you can see the whole city, and at night you can admire the view of the city with its lights glistening in the twilight.

6. The Lighthouse on Tokarevskaya Koshka street.

The lighthouse is located on a sandbar that dries at low tide and allows visitors to observe the building from closer up. Tokarevsky Lighthouse is one of the oldest in the Far East. Thanks to a favorable location, the recreation near the lighthouse is considered to be the main symbol of the city. People come here to relax and regain their energy, and take home some good memories. At low tide you can collect shells and starfish on the shore and take some colorful photos. This place will impress even the most well-traveled tourists.

7.      Millionka

If you would like to get acquainted with the history of the area, we suggest you visit the Millionka district. In the beginning of the 20th century the biggest Chinese district could be found here, and it’s worth mentioning that it was notorious for the trade of smuggled goods, prostitution, drug trafficking, and the gambling business. However, in 1936 the district was demolished and the dwellers of this Chinatown were sent back to their homeland. Today only the unique building with fancy protruding balconies and terraces remind us of the old times of the Chinese zone. There are a lot of cafes, boutiques and souvenir shops opened for tourists.

8. Arseniev Primorsky Museum

Arseniev Museum is a whole cluster of museums including the House of Sukhanov, the main building on Svetlanskaya Street, the House of Arsenyev-the-Traveler, and the City Museum. In the main building of the museum you can get to know the key historical events of Vladivostok. In the House of the Traveler the tourists will see some fascinating and entertaining exhibits that will inspire them to explore the nature of Primorye further. The exposition of the House of Sukhanov will show the cultural peculiarities of family life in the 19th-20th centuries.

9. Svetlanskaya street and Pushkinskaya Street

The main historically significant street in Vladivostok is Svetlanskaya Street, which was named in honor of the emperor’s frigate Svetlana. The street contains architectural elements from the 19th-20th centuries: the Versal Hotel, the Zolotoy Rog Hotel, the Youth Spectator’s Theatre, the Rooming House of Tau Tselign and others. Today the street is considered to be the business district of the city, and its main trademark is a GUM store that was built by Germans. Pushkinskaya Street was obviously named in honor of one of the greatest Russian poets known all over the world–Pushkin. Here you will find the Pushkin Theatre, the house of the first editor of the Vladivostok newspaper, the building of the Eastern Institute and a Lutheran church. These streets will show you the city as a center of science and art.

10. Botanical Garden Institute.

The specialty of this botanical garden is that it’s one of a kind in being both a garden and a science research institute in Primorye, which conducts research in the spheres of ecology, botany, landscaping and forest science. There are 300-year-old cedars, rare and endangered plants, and various species of junipers, firs, spruces and pines in the garden. Here you can find the richest collection of ornamental plants, which account for almost 1,400 varieties and strains. The workers of the Garden Institute are consistently devising new scientific undertakings, one of which is landscape architecture and design. Thousands of people visit the Botanical Garden annually, including tourists from other countries. A wedding photo shoot in the garden has also become a great Vladivostok tradition.

Popular recreation areas in Primorye.

The most popular recreation areas should be booked at least six months before your trip, because the number of those wishing to see the natural beauty of Primorye is constantly increasing. One of the most popular places for family recreation is the Shtykovskiye Prudy Art Park. The territory of the park, which is 30 hectares, is a well-maintained piece of beautifully preserved nature, with meadows, ponds, a forest and walking paths. The park is considered to be the treasure of this area, as it is the first project that was designed especially for family holidays all year-round. That’s why it’s best to start your vacation with a visit to this Art Park, the creators of which succeeded in uniting the natural beauty of the area and modern art. Its guests will find themselves in a warm atmosphere of childhood and wonder, where the boundary between fairytale and reality is blurry and undistinguishable. You will meet interesting and astonishing art characters from children’s fairytales: the Sly Fox, the Mermaid in the Pond, the Clumsy and Curious Himalayan Bear, and–the Keeper of the Park Order and Tranquility–the 4-meter-tall Amur Tiger. Visitors can make a wish near the magic acorn, which is the symbol of the park.

The exterior of the park amuses by its beauty: wooden pavilions, cottages and little houses in the Berry Village are the embodiment of incredible mastery, and unique examples of the modern architecture of Russia. The air of the Shtykovskiye Prudy Art Park smells like creativity, which is why it's impossible to resist the temptation to make a memorable souvenir with your own hands. Guests are welcomed in the first Creative Workshop for Decorative and Applied Arts, where a team of the best craftsmen in the country conduct fascinating master classes on various creative styles. Thanks to their positive energy and support, all visitors will feel like they are real creators and magicians.

Visitors will never find themselves getting bored. During the warm season those who love extreme activities will be offered the opportunity to wakeboard, with the longest reversible winch in the park. In addition, guests can rent a catamaran, boat, wakeboard, SUP, bicycle or fishing equipment. Those who prefer a lazy holiday will have the opportunity to bathe under the soft sun by the pool or on the shore of the Great Pond, visit a real Russian bath, and also rent a picnic spot in the gazebos. The winter holidays will satisfy even the most sophisticated guests. Skating, snowboarding, skiing and tubing are some, but not all of the list of services the park offers its visitors. In addition, a 330-meter-high ski slope is equipped with a lift with a "baby-elevator" system.

Guests of the park will be surprised by the irrepressible imagination of the organizers, who turn every day into a real celebration. An animated Corn fighting with a clumsy Watermelon, medieval armored knights, and fairytale and cartoon characters will entertain children. All guests can participate in the creative festivals and amusing events when they visit the Shtykovskiye Prudy Art Park.

If you are fed up with hard work and the routine of daily life and would like to immerse yourself into an atmosphere of creativity and fairytale, you are welcome at our Art Park! We guarantee you will get have an incredible time and will want to come back again and again.

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