The Glitter of Moscow

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Duration from 2 to 7 days Weekly from March 27 to October 1

Itinerary: Monday: An excursion to  St. Basil's Cathedral .Tuesday: An evening Panoramic Tour to  the Seven Sisters (seven skyscrapers, designed in the Stalinist style) and Moscow International Business Center. Wednesday: A sightseeing tour around VDNH Park .Thursday:  Moscow Subway, a visit to Kolomenskoye estate. Friday:  Moscow Panoramic City Tour. Saturday:  Red Square, the Kremlin and the Armory (walking tour) .Sunday:  A visit to the Tretyakov Gallery and Zamoskvorechye District


—Following a meeting with your guide at the hotel lobby, you have a wonderful Panoramic City Tour,  called Architectural Miracles of Moscow. During this trip you will have an opportunity to visit unusual historic and modern buildings.  You will be able to take a picture of fascinating constructions like the Egg House, the Shukhov radio tower, the house-ship, the centipede house, and others.

— Then you will go to St. Basil's Cathedral
, which is the colorful iconic symbol of the country. Its interior design is an architectural marvel . It has 11 unique domes.  This cathedral contains eight side churches arranged around the ninth, central church of Intercession; all the churches are united by a labyrinth of narrow vaulted corridors. The exposition explicitly reveals the history of the construction of this magnificent building, it tells of Fools for Christ  that brought glory to this cathedral. Here you can see murals dating back to the 15th century, tempera paintings from the 17th century, oil paintings from the 19th-20th centuries, and a rare canvas of Russian icon-painting.

. — The excursion ends at Red Square. Our tourists are expected to return to the hotel on their own. 


— A meeting with your guide at the hotel lobby. 
Our Panoramic City Tour starts at 4 pm. During the tour you are going to see seven skyscrapers, designed in the Stalinist style, and visit the observation deck at the Moscow International Business Center. You will learn the peculiarities of high-rise construction, and you will see the famous Kotelnicheskaya Embankment Building
, The Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya Hotel, the main building of Moscow State University and the building of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. While looking at commemorative plaques you will learn about the country’s history, its scientific advances, its victories in wars, accomplishments in space and achievements in literature and film production.   
—We invite you to the observation deck at the Moscow International Business Center, where you will have a bird’s eye view of
 the heart of Russia. This building is only 4 km away from the Kremlin. From this observation deck you will be able to see the Russian Academy of Sciences, MSU, St. Basil’s Cathedral, The White House, The Kudrinskaya Square Building, and many other sights of Moscow.    After seeing the model of the Business Center you will reach the observation deck using the modern elevator at a speed of 7 mph. The guides will tell you the history of the building, the peculiarities of its construction and the uniqueness and the many uses of the Center.

The excursion ends at 8 pm at Komsomolskaya station. The tourists return to the hotel on their own.

Wednesday (a walking day)

— After meeting your guide at the hotel lobby, you will use public transport to get to the location where the excursion will start. 

– Sightseeing tour around VDNH Park.


 The magnificent pavilions of VDNH have become a precious symbol of the soviet architectural school. You will start the excursion at the arch of the main entrance and will head to pavilion #1-  Then you will pass a square with the famous “The friendship of the People” and  “Stone Flower” fountains. There you will be able to take a close look at the “ Byelorussian SSR” pavilion, the “Ukraine” pavilion, and the largest pavilion at VDNH, the “Space” pavilion, where you will see a replica of the space ship, Yuri Gagarin used to orbit our planet.
– The excursion ends at VDNH. In your free time you can visit Moskvarium, the “Russia makes itself” exposition at the Polytechnic Museum, the museum of cosmonautics, the historic “Russia my history” park , where there are 3 multimedia exhibitions, and a model of Moscow, which is located on at 121 m2. In addition, you can take part in a quest, or rent sports equipment (bicycles,
roller skates and so on).

Tourists return to the hotel on their own.


Thursday (walking day)

— After meeting your guide at the hotel lobby, you will have an excursion called “The history of the Moscow Subway”. You will see the magnificent metro stations, decorated with stained glass windows, frescos, maiolica and marble or granite statues.

— Then you will go on an excursion to the Kolomenskoye estate. There you will see
historical and cultural monuments, dating back to the 17th-19th centuries: the back gates, the Church of the Ascension (which is a
 World Heritage Site), the Church of Our Lady of Kazan, and the Church of St. George.

— The “The history of the Kolomenskoye estate” excursion is next, where you will see a collection of architectural construction materials and tickers, icons, books, portraits, and so on. 
— The excursion ends at the Kolomenskoye estate. In your free time you can walk in the park, admiring the beauty of ponds, flower gardens and green hills. You can also have a snack at the summer cafes, visit an intricately embellished Kolomenskoye Palace, take a picture in historic dresses in the Dymnaya or Prestolnaya rooms, and take part in a quest.

— Tourists return to the hotel on their own.



The Moscow Panoramic City Tour: golden domes of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior , the skyscrapers of the Moscow International Business Center, some of the Seven Sisters, The Bolshoi Theatre, the Moscow Manege , Bolshoy Kamenny Bridge, Arbat Square, Theater Square, Kutuzovsky Prospekt, the memorial complex of Victory Park at Poklonnaya hill, and Sparrow Hills.
— The excursion ends at the hotel. 

Saturday (walking day)

— After meeting your guide at the hotel lobby, you will use public transportation to get to where the excursion will start.

—  During a walking tour called “The heart of Russia”, at Red Square, you will see the building of the historic museum, a monument to Zhukov, St. Basil’s Cathedral, GUM, the Mausoleum, a monument to Minin and Pojarskiy, Manege Square, and the Alexander Gardens.


— During the visit to the Moscow Kremlin, you will visit one of the cathedrals and will see the Tsar-Bell and the Tsar Canon, Cathedral Square, Ivan the Great Bell Tower, the  Cathedral of the Dormition, the Cathedral of the Archangel, and the Cathedral of the Annunciation and the Palace of Facets. In one of the cathedrals you will see frescos and the interior of the Orthodox Church.   
— The excursion to the Armory, where national symbols, clothes of tsars and bishops, and gold and silver jewels are all guarded.

— The excursion ends at Red Square. 


— After meeting your guide at the hotel lobby, you will take “The Moscow talents” coach tour. On the way to the Tretyakov Gallery you will listen to a story of Moscow cultural life in different periods, the destinies of the great poets, painters, actors, and their sponsors.


— A walking tour around the Zamoskvorechye District. You will walk along Piatnitskaya and Bolshaya Ordinka Streets, you will cross the Lawruschinski alley, and you will see the houses of traders, the Marfo-Mariinsky Convent, and the church of St Nicolas. 
— The visit to the Tretyakov Gallery, where you can see the originals of such masterpieces as: The Apparition of Christ Before the People by Ivanov, Boyarina Morozova and The Morning of the
 Streltsy Execution by Surikov, The Bogatyrs by Vasnetsov, The Apotheosis of War by Vereshagin, and other famous paintings. 
— The excursion ends at the Tretyakov Gallery. 


The company reserves the right to make changes to the program sequence without changing the number of provided services. Its individual elements can be changed before the departure and during the execution of the tour. Program elements that are dependent on weather conditions and uncontrollable by the Organizer’s services and organizations (road service, local authorities, etc.) may be excluded from the program, based on the actual situation on the route. Registration of foreign citizens and citizens of the Russian Federation is paid separately to the hotel’s cashier.

Check-in time begins after 14:00, check-out time ends at 12:00.