The Big Golden Ring

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The Big Golden Ring

Suzdal – Vladimir – Bogolyubovo – Ivanovo – Kostroma – Yaroslavl – Rostov Veliky – Pereslavl-Zalesskiy – Sergiev Posad – Aleksandrov – Uglich – Myshkin – Martinovo (Borisoglebskiy)

7 days/6 nights

A package tour for individual tourists

Day 1

Our representative will meet you at VDNH metro station, on the right side of the Kosmos hotel. Please consult our website (Information on departure and arrival) for your guide’s phone number beforehand.

Meeting time

07:45 – if departing on Saturday

09:00 – if departing on Monday

Transfer to Vladimir. Guided coach tour.

13:00 Lunch.

14:00 During the “Vladimir, the ancient capital of North-Eastern Ruthenia” guided city tour, you’ll see monuments dating back to the 12th century: The Golden Gates (a symbol of greatness and strength of the Ruthenia), the small, one-domed cathedral of St. Dmitry (which was a marvelous monument of architecture before the devastating Mongolian occupation), the Assumption Cathedral ( a unique monument of the white-stone architectural style of Vladimir, famous for  its Andrey Rublev frescoes). You also will visit the Museum of Crystal, lacquer miniatures and embroidery, or have a guided tour where you’ll learn the history of Old Vladimir in a 4-story tower built in 1912, and will hear stories about city life in the late 19th-early 20th centuries.

Travel to Bogolyubovo

Here you’ll visit the famous Bogolyuobskiy monastery and the ancient Pokrova-na-Nerli Church, which is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Travel to Suzdal

Check into the “Turtsentr 3” hotel in Suzdal (2 additional options: “The Golden Ring” hotel in Vladimir and Hotel Socol in Suzdal)

19:00 Dinner at the hotel restaurant.

Day 2

08:00 Breakfast at the hotel restaurant

09:00 Guided sightseeing tour around Suzdal, a city-museum where you can see around 200 monuments, many of which are on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

During this tour you´ll have an opportunity to visit the Kremlin with the Cross-Vaulted chamber – the great hall, where the tsar’s proclamations were made and humble proclamations were listened to. You also will have a tour of the St Euthimius monastery, where you’ll hear magnificent tolls from the bells. In addition, you will explore a Museum of Wooden Architecture, where you’ll see unique buildings dating back to the 17th-19th centuries. The last stop of our tour will be at the Intercession (Pokrovsky) women’s Monastery, which is full of secrets and mysteries.

14:00 Lunch

Travel to Kostroma. City guided tour around Ivanovo.

Check into the “Azimut 3*” Hotel (2 additional options: the Hotel “Lyubim 3*” in Yaroslavl). 

Free time

20:00 Dinner at the hotel restaurant.

Day 3

07:00 Breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

Travel to Yaroslavl.

10:00 During the Yaroslavl sightseeing tour you´ll see the Korosl estuary to the Volga river, visit the Assumption Cathedral, have a walk along the Volga embankment, rebuilt on the 1,000th anniversary of the city, which offers  a myriad of photo opportunities, have a look at unique architectural ensembles in the central part of Yaroslavl, which is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Later you will visit the Savior Transfiguration Monastery, which is known as the Kremlin thanks to its well-built walls. This the most ancient cathedral in Yaroslavl, with its original frescos preserved. It was here that the ancient masterpiece “The Tale of Igor’s Campaign” was found. Then, you´ll have a look at the Church of Elijah the Prophet – a Yaroslavl architectural marvel.

14:30 Lunch

15:30 During the Kostroma sightseeing tour you’ll get acquainted with an ancient merchant city that still boasts of its unique architectural ensemble dating back to the 18th century. There you’ll have a guided tour while walking around the central square, trade chambers and the fire-observation tower built in the 19th century. In Kostroma you’ll see the five-domed Epiphany Cathedral that was the first stone building in the city (the Trinity Cathedral, the Romanovs’ chambers and the shrine). It is the main symbol of Kostroma, the cradle of the Romanov dynasty. In the evening you’ll visit the Bogoyavlensky Convent, which is known for the ancient Feodorovskaya Icon of the Mother of God (13th century).

Arrival at the hotel

20:00 Dinner at the hotel restaurant.

Day 4

07:00 Breakfast at the hotel restaurant

10:00 Excursion to the Rostov Kremlin – the residence of the Rostov bishops and archbishops. There you’ll admire the architecture of this marvelous ancient building, see its architectural ensemble, visit the Assumption Cathedral, which dates back to the 16th century. There you’ll have an opportunity to see the bell tower with its full set of 15 bells, The archbishop yard, the Cathedral square, and the metropolitan garden. While at the Kremlin you will see an exposition of pottery. In addition, you will see the “Walls and Corridors of the Rostov Kremlin” exposition.

Travel to Pereslavl-Zalesskiy

12:30 Pereslavl-Zalesskiy – the Motherland of A. Nevskiy and the cradle of the Russian naval fleet. During the guided tour you´ll have look at the most outstanding monuments of this city and the Kremlin.

13:00 Lunch

Travel to Sergiev Posad

16:00 An excursion to St Serbius Lavra (Troitse-Sergiyeva Lavra). During this excursion you will learn the history of the monastery and will see the marvelous architecture it holds. You’ll also visit the Trinity Cathedral and the Assumption Cathedral.

Check into “Posadskiy*3 ” hotel (1 more option: “The Old Hotel of St.Serbius Lavra” )

19:00 Dinner at the hotel restaurant.

Day 5

08:00 Breakfast

Travel to Alexandrov.

10:00 Guided city tour with a visit to the Kremlin – the official residence of the first Russian Tsar – Ivan the Terrible. There you´ll get to see its architectural ensemble, the exposition “The Alexandrovskaya suburb”, the Tsar’s Church, the palace chambers, its medieval basement, the “Alexandrovskaya Suburb: legend and reality” and “Alexandrovskaya Suburb 17th-18th centuries. The Assumption convent” expositions.

14:00 Lunch.

Travel to Sergiev Posad.

Arrival at the hotel.

Dinner at the hotel restaurant.

Day 6

08:00 Breakfast . Travel to Uglich.

13:00 Lunch at the hotel restaurant.

14:00 An excursion tour around Uglich.

The Uglich Kremlin –the historic and planned city’s core.

The Chambers of the prince – the only building that has been preserved since the 15th century.

The Church of Dmitriy on Blood was built on the spot where prince Dmitriy was killed. In its interior design you can see frescos dating back to the 18th century depicting this event.

The Cathedral of Saint Transfiguration, which is located in the center of Uglich

The Assumption three-tented church (1628) of the Alexeyevsky Monastery is considered a true gem of Russian medieval architecture. The Icon of the Mother of God is kept there.

The visit of St. Resurrection –one of the most beautiful cathedrals, which was built in the 16th century.

18:00 Check into the “Chaika*3” Hotel in Uglich (1 more option: the “Summit *3*” hotel in Myshkin) (STD)

20:00 Dinner at the hotel restaurant.

Day 7

08:00 Breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

09:00 Travel to Myshkin.

10:00 Guided city tour in Myshkin: the Walk of Fame, Assumption Cathedral, the museum of Valenki, the ethnographic expositions “Flax” and “Sisters and Brothers of Valenok”, the handicraft house with a smithy and pottery in operation, The Mouse Museum – which shows the environment of a tsars´ life. There hospitable Russian tsars will tell you about the burdens of their life and will teach you strategies to avoid cats. You´ll have an opportunity to get a taste of the glorious life of the tsars and see exotic mice.

12:30 (Arrival Saturday-Friday!)

“The museum of the Russian everyday life of the 19th century” in Uglich. An exposition boasting of more than 3000 exhibits will tell you about life, traditions and the customs of local dwellers.

The Museum of Russian Vodka. There you´ll see numerous bottles of various Russian alcoholic drinks from different cities. Uglich is the Motherland of the king of Vodka – Petr Smirnov.

Travel to Borisoglibskiy. A guided tour around the Borisoglibskiy monastery, whose architecture is known as a treasure of Russian architecture from the 16th-17th centuries.

Lunch at the Rostov Velikiy restaurant

12:30 (Arrival Sunday-Monday!)

Travel to Martinovo. In the Yaroslavl oblast there is a river called Kadka (only 57 km in length). The dwellers living near its banks are called katskari. They are Russians who have their own traditions, language and folklore.

The local guide will tell you about different legends that the katskari hold. There you’ll also see various domestic animals.

In addition, you’ll visit the Katskari Museum, where you’ll hear stories about the life of peasants in the 19th-20th centuries. You’ll also have an opportunity to watch a performance about the katski language.

In Martinovo you will have traditional Russian lunch (shchi, potatoes with sour cream, pies and milk)

16:00 Departure to Moscow.

21:00 Arrival time in Moscow (to the VDNH metro station).