Along Volga by land to Mouses and Snegurochka

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legends of Uglich
Uglich – Myshkin – Martynovo

Mixed tour for individual tourists

Sightseeing tour program in Myshkin. The "Russian Valenki” museum, the world's largest collection of mice, and, of course, a Holiday Banquet. A theatrical and entertaining show and treats from a Russian stove in Martynovo. Sightseeing tour to Uglich: the architectural ensemble of the Uglich Kremlin, a unique museum, "The Library of the Russian vodka".

Uglich – Myshkin – Martynovo
Mixed tour for individual tourists

1st Day

08:45 gathering of the group at the VDNH metro station, at the right side of the Kosmos Hotel.
09:00 Departure to Myshkin. A road excursion.
14:00 Arrival in Myshkin. Meeting of our dear guests. Accommodation at the hotel " Summit 3*".
15:00 Lunch in the hotel’s restaurant.
16:00 Spare time. Preparing for the New Year’s Party.
22:00 Holiday Banquet. The restaurant offers a holiday table, entertainment. You will have an unforgettable New Year's Eve with cheerful entertainment and a Banquet. This night you will plunge into a joyful, kind and warm atmosphere. You will find live music, disco party with DJ, Ded Moroz and Snegurochka, fun costume contests and games.

2nd Day

9:00 Late breakfast.
11:30 Departure to Martynovo. Christmas gatherings at Katskars’ place. In the far west of the Yaroslavl Oblast flows the small river of Kadka (57 km long), which was probably destined to be lost among hundreds or even thousands of similar rivers in Russia, if not for Katskars, the residents inhabiting its banks. The Katskars are Russian people, who have, however, their own distinctive features in traditions, language, and folklore. A visit to the Museum of Katskars (a peasant log hut of the late XIX century.) It will allow you to plunge into the life and household activities of the peasants of XIX - XX centuries.

Komennichanio - theatrical and entertainment show in the Katsk dialect. Treats from a Russian stove (potatoes with sour cream, pickles, baked milk / tea).
15:00 Departure to Myshkin.
15:30 Sightseeing tour program in Myshkin, the boulevard, the Assumption Cathedral, the museum "The Russian Valenki" with the exhibition "The Linen". The House of Crafts (a blacksmith’s workshop). Visit to the "Palace of Mouse" - invites you to plunge into the atmosphere of the tsar’s life: keep in mind that the guards will ask you for a password, court girls will happily blurt out all the palace’s secrets and take you on mouse trails; the welcoming tsar and tsarina will tell how heavy the crown is and will show you how to protect yourself from feline misfortunes. You will be able to get your hand into the tsar’s coffers, and in the darkness of the tsar’s zoo you will see exotic living mice.
Interactive equivalent program "The Avdotii Tea"
19:00 Return to the hotel.
20:30 Dinner.

3d Day

08:00 Breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant.
9:00 Departure from the hotel.
10:00 Sightseeing tour to Uglich: the architectural ensemble of the Uglich Kremlin, the interior of the Transfiguration Cathedral and the only remaining building of the 15th century - "The House of Uglich Feudal Dukes", the interior of the church "Demetrius on the blood."
A unique museum "The Library of the Russian vodka" with tasting of 2 types of drinks with a pickle and a fascinating story about the history of the national drink.
13:00 Lunch in the city restaurant.
14:00 Return to Moscow.
20:00 Tentative time of arrival.

Children are allowed from 5 years of age or older.

The price includes: hotel accommodation, meals according to the program, New Year’s Eve banquet, transportation and guided tours services according to the program.

Note: The Company reserves the right to modify the program without changing the scope of the services provided. In case of late arrival or no-show the Company reserves the right to modify the sequence of the program without changing the scope of the services provided. The duration of the program’s individual elements can be changed on the eve of the departure or during the tour. Elements of the program dependent on climatic conditions or actions of authorities and organizations beyond the control of the organizer (traffic, local administration, etc.), can be excluded from the program, according to the actual situation on the route. In case of late arrival or no-show of the tourists at the place of the meeting of the group at the specified time, the company is not liable for the fulfillment of the entire program and the payment for the tour day in question is not refundable.