Seven Wonders of Dagestan

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nature of Dagestan
7 nights/ 8 days

The tour “Seven Wonders of Dagestan” – is, first of all, the acquaintance with the capital of Dagestan – Makhachkala, an unforgettable excursion to the Sulak Canyon with the viewing of the reservoir and the hydroelectric power station dam, Barhan Sarykum, aul Zubutly, Gunib with its rich nature and history, the ancient aul Choh, Kubachi – aul of goldsmiths, and surely, the historical heart of Dagestan – Derbent!

Day 1

Greeting, check-in at the “Tourist” hotel (3*).
Excursion around the Makhachkala (day or night), Juma Mosque in Mackhachkala (a copy of Blue Mosque in Istanbul), Museum of Arts or the Museum of local lore
19:00 Dinner at the “Bastion” restaurant. 

Day 2

08:30 Breakfast – smorgasbord at the restaurant. 
Excursion to the Sulak Canyon, an alpine reservoir 45 kilometers long, Miatli Canyon. Then a boat trip if you wish, picnic in the oak forest and an excursion to the Dagestan Nature Reserve – the only desert in Russia, then the Sarykum sand dune, which stands 272 meters high, with the area of 42 sq. m. 
19:00 Dinner at the restaurant.

Day 3

08:00 Breakfast- smorgasbord at the restaurant. 
08:30 – Excursion to Gunib (150 km).
Gunib – the last fortress of the 19th century Caucasian war, a national park at a height of 1600–1900 meters, gorges, canyons and discoveries at every step. The Gunib museum of local lore, the palace of Emperor Alexander II, the house of Soviet-Russian writer Olga Forsh, the rotunda at the place Imam Shamil was captured in the 19th century. 
Extra lunch – avar hinkal at the “Eagle Nest” tourist camp. 
20:30 Dinner at the restaurant of the ‘Tourist’ hotel.

Day 4

08:00 Breakfast – smorgasbord, check-out of the hotel.
08:30 Leaving for the aul of Kubachi goldsmiths (170 km)
For centuries aul Kubachi was famous in the East and in Europe for its blacksmiths, armorers, jewelers and gem cutters.
In the aul where ethnos originality is preserved, the skills of jewelers are transmitted across the generations and the masterpieces of Kubachi masters has for a very long time occupied the worthy places at famous museums across the world. We will also look at the artistic products factory  and its unique museum; will stop by the factory silver shop with prices which are 4-5 times lower than elsewhere; will go for a walk around the old  Kubachi aul and will listen to the astonishing story of Kubachi life. We are also going to visit a 13th century combat tower and private collections of weapons, tableware, earthenware china, and jewelry. 
Lunch at the café, Dargin foods (additional charge).
18:00 Return from the excursion to the Derbent suburb, check-in at the “Golden Sands” tourist camp or “Derbent” tourist camp, in the “Hazry” building. All facilities needed. Split-system. Three meals a day. Tourist camps are located on the sea coast, there are fantastic beaches less than 100 meters from the buildings.
19:00 Dinner.
21:00 Disco.

Day 5

08:00 Breakfast. Rest on the beach.
13:00 Lunch.
13:45 Leave for the excursion to the town-museum Derbent and Derbent fortress. 
In our program: Derbent Fortress Narin Kala – 1750 years old, the old part of Derbent – magaly – 5000 years old, Juma-Mosque – 8th century, women bathhouse-museum – 9th century, the monument to Peter the Great and a  city view.
19:00 Dinner at the tourist camp.
21:00 Disco.

Day 6

08:00 Breakfast. Rest on the beach.
13:00 Lunch.
13:45 Excursion to the Lost Bastille in the mountains by the Great Derbent Wall, which is 42 km in length.
On foot it will take 1 hour and 20 minutes one way. The Bastille is located in the forest at an altitude of 1400 meters in the mountains. Stalactite cave, the Holy spring and the Holy grove. The chapel on the burial place of Saint George – 4th century (Grigorias). The aul with the Persian immigrants, who have been living there since the 4th century. We will also visit one of three auls where western-persian language has been preserved. 
19:00 Return to the tourist camp. Dinner.
21:00 Disco.

Day 7

08:00 Breakfast. The whole day on the beach.
13:00 Lunch
If you wish, after lunch we can organize an extra tour to the Huchni waterfalls and the fortress of the Seven brothers and one sister.
18:30 Dinner.
21:00 Disco.

Day 8

08:00 Breakfast.  Airport or railway station transfer.  Buying Dagestan souvenirs, pemmican, dried fish, fruits and sheep cheese.