Purchase a vacation tour package to Caucasus, take a trip to the Sarykum sand dune, visit famous fortresses and mosques – in other words, welcome to the Russia you've never imagined!

7 nights/ 8 days

The tour “Seven Wonders of Dagestan” – is, first of all, the acquaintance with the capital of Dagestan – Makhachkala, an unforgettable excursion to the Sulak Canyon with the viewing of the reservoir and the hydroelectric power station dam, Barhan Sarykum, aul Zubutly, Gunib with its rich nature and history, the ancient aul Choh, Kubachi – aul of goldsmiths, and surely, the historical heart of Dagestan – Derbent!

8 nights/ 9 days.

This tour program includes all the most interesting places of Dagestan – regions with rich history, magnificent nature and hospitable people.