Trekking to Chersky Mountain

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9 days

Chersky mountain is the highest among the whole mountain range (2588m high). It is a very popular route among tourists and climbers. The faces of the mountain are very difficult to climb, which is why it is considered very prestigious to climb its faces. It also should be noted that the mountain is prone to severe weather conditions.

Day 1

Arrival in Severobaikalsk (by rail transport, water transport or airplane). Transportation to Kotelnikovsky Cape (by high-speed powerboat). The route is 80 km long. Сheck-in at the camp (the only one in the area). You can relax and bathe in the thermal spring there. There are 2 swimming pools in which water from the springs is blended with Baikal water to ensure a comfortable temperature. Lunch and dinner.

Day 2-3

Kotelnikovsky Cape is the starting point of the path to the Chersky Mountain. The route from the shore of Lake Baikal to the starting point takes only 2 days. To get to the mountain, you will take a breathtaking journey. First, you will pass the left bank of the Kurkula River. Then you will ford the river where the Goltsovy Tributary flows into it. Tourists will be impressed by indescribable views and scenery. The nature is remarkable for its colorfulness and splendor. You will approach the Mountain Pass called "Roza Vetrov" on the left bank of the Kurkula River. Lake Verkhne-Irelskoe is located immediately beyond the Vodopadnaya River. The lake stands out due to its large number of relict poplars and cedars, which are surrounded by many picturesque waterfalls. That's why this area is called "Waterfalls Country". Overnight in tents. The route length is 15 km + 12 km. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 4

Today’s path: Vodopadnaya River - Lake Guitar. You will spend a half-day on a picturesque mountain lake, Lake Guitar (1240 meters above sea level). The Lake got its name name because of its extraordinary shape. In the upper part of the Kurkula River another huge waterfall is located (it is about 150 meters long). From here you can see the Belgian Ridge peaks, covered with snow. These places will wow tourists with their beauty. Picturesque nature, lofty mountains and wide open spaces. You have to see it with your own eyes. The route length is 8 km. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 5

Visit the Chersky Mountain pass. At the very bottom lies a small glacier (​​2 x 2 km in size). If you climb higher, you can see two more similar glaciers. You will climb to the bottom of the Grand Cascade waterfall. You will approach the bottom of the glacier, which is called "Chersky" (in honor of its discoverer). It is the part of a powerful mountain valley - the highest mountain of the Baikal Range. Only trained tourists can take part in this climb, because the Chersky Mountain is unique due to its considerable number of smooth inclined slabs. In order to take on this route you should be well-trained in the use of climbing equipment. The route length is 7 km. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 6

Return Path: Lake Guitar - Vodopadnaya River - Peshekhodnaya River. The route length is 20 km. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 7

Path: Peshekhodnaya River - Goryachaya Bay. Сheck-in at the camp (Kotelnikovskiy Cape). Bathe in the thermal springs and relax. The route is 15 km long. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 8

Departure from the camp (by powerboat). Arrival in Severobaikalsk (80 km). Check-in at the hotel. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 9

Breakfast. Departure from the hotel.

Note: If desired you can stay at the camp on the Kotelnikovsky Cape for a few more days, and visit other beautiful places in Northern Baikal.

Price includes: Pick up at the Severobaikalsk airport or railway station, accommodation (Kotelnikovsky Cape tourist camp, double "standard" rooms), accommodation (hotel Severobaikalsk double rooms), guides, meals, equipment (tents, supplies for bonfires), transportation, excursion services, health insurance, tour operator services on the individual program design, and control of its execution.

Tour price doesn't include: air and railway ticket, additional excursions (horseback riding, ATVs, diving, etc…), alcohol.

We recommend bringing: backpack, mat, sleeping bag (can be rented), warm jacket, comfortable shoes (sneakers) and sandals, trekking shoes, a warm jumpsuit and hat, 2-3 T-shirts and shorts, wool socks and thin socks (3-4 pairs), flashlight and batteries, jackknife, matches, personal set of dishes, sunglasses, sunscreen, headwear, personal medicines and camera.