Journey to the magnificent Chersky peak and Chamar-Daban views

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highland of Russia

Chamar-Daban is an ancient mountain range with striking beauty. Treks to Chersky Peak attract tourists for many reasons. This path is one of the most popular, short, and uncomplicated in the Baikal mountains. You can enjoy the Baikal taiga, cold mountain rivers, waterfalls, Lake Heart mountain lake, and beautiful views.

Day 1

Pick up at the Irkutsk airport or railway station. Drive to the starting point - Slyudyanka village (100 km, lunch at a roadside cafe). If you had a long trip, it will be better to stay in the Baikal camp to relax and get acclimatized. Otherwise the tour starts immediately. At the beginning of the tour, you will go up the road (21 km)*  toward the weather station building located on the mountain. The modest, but very warm and comfortable camp for your overnight stay at a height of 1500 meters above sea level is located there (the toilet facilities are an outhouse). You can also spend the night in a tent.

*Optional: 1) You can also choose to go 8-10 km of the whole distance in GAZ-66 or jeeps; 2) We can also offer you Sherpas and horses.

Day 2

Breakfast. Today you will climb the Chersky peak (2090 meters above sea level). You can leave all unessential items in the camp. The starting point is the weather station. You will take the Starokomarskay serpentine road, which has a long history. From the end of the 18th century it served as one of the caravan paths from Russia to Mongolia and China. The road fell into disrepair after the construction of the Trans-Siberian railway.

Soon the cedar forest will be replaced by trail shrubs and Alpine meadows. You will enjoy an unforgettable view of the gem of the mountains - Lake Heart. From the Chersky Peak you will admire the magnificent views of Chamar-Daban and Lake Baikal. After a photo session with these beautiful landscapes in the background, you will return to the camp. It will be possible to visit Lake Heart if desired. Spend the night at the camp or in tents.

Day 3

The last day of the tour. Return to Slyudyanka village. Return to Irkutsk, or do an additional program.*

*Optional: You can spend one more day at the camp and visit the beautiful Podkomarskaya River waterfall valleys. They are known for their amazing views. The route program and the number of days can be changed at the request of the customer.

Note: the weather in the mountains changes often (rainfall is possible). The temperature during the day ranges from +10 to +30 degrees Celsius, and at night from 0 to +15 degrees Celsius. The distance traveled during the day can vary from 10 to 20 km. The maximum difference in elevation is about 300 m. All tourists have to carry their luggage themselves (but it's possible to hire Sherpas and horses). You may also need to carry additional weight (necessary equipment, food) of 5-6 kg per person. The program may be changed due to unfavorable weather conditions. The decision to change the route is made by the guide.

Price includes: tents, 3 meals per day, all transportation, guide and instructor services, group equipment (tents, bonfires supplies, medicine, mats) and health insurance.

Tour price doesn't include: air and railway ticket, additional excursions (horseback riding, ATVs, diving, etc…), alcohol.

We recommend bringing: backpack, mat, sleeping bag (can be rented), warm jacket, comfortable shoes (sneakers), trekking shoes, a warm jumpsuit and hat, 2-3 T-shirts and shorts, wool socks and thin socks (3-4 pairs), flashlight and batteries, jackknife, matches, personal set of dishes, sunglasses, sunscreen, headwear, personal medicine and camera.