Colors of Baikal

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Baikal water

Route: Irkutsk – Olkhon island – Peschanaya Bay – Bolshie Koty – Listvyanka village – Irkutsk

Summer season 5 days/4 nights

You will visit Olkhon island and Buryat village. You will see the unique "stilted" trees in Peschanaya bay. Ride ATVs across the Siberian taiga, and arrive in the Baikal tourist capital – Listvyanka village. 

1st day

Upon arrival in Irkutsk you will be met by a guide (the guide will accompany you throughout the tour). Depart for Olkhon island (250 km to the ferry). You pay for lunch at a roadside café on your own. Ferry crossing.  Before driving to the hotel, you will take an excursion around the southern part of the island, where you can see the Kurykan fortress wall and steppe expanses. The guide will also tell you legends that will definitely capture your imagination .

Olkhon Island is the biggest island in Lake Baikal. Olkhon is often called a miniature planet. Here you will see many different types of landscapes: steppe territories, sand dunes, mountains, a relic fir grove. In addition, according to the myths and legends of the indigenous people (Buryat) Olkhon is considered a place where the menacing spirits of Lake Baikal live. From time immemorial, shaman rituals were held on the island. And lastly, Olkhon island is very beautiful place!

Hang out in the hotel (standard room). Free time. In the evening you will walk to the village of Khuzhir and to the famous Shamanka cliff. Supper at the hotel restaurant is paid on your own. Free time.

2nd day

After breakfast you will go by car (or by ATVs) on an excursion to the most mysterious and, at the same time, one of the most beautiful places - Cape Khoboy, which is the northern extremity of the island. If you look from the waterside, you can see that the columnar rock is quite similar to a female in profile. Local residents call the rock “Virgo”. They believe that it is a petrified woman praying to the Gods to give her a palace. Your guide will tell you all about the myths of these rocks. Not far from the cape a Baikal picnic will be organized for you. The tour will take about 4-5 hours. Return to the village of Khuzhir.

Today, you will become better acquainted with the Buryat culture. An excursion to a Buryat village (“Malomorska”). The hospitable inhabitants will talk you about their traditions and beliefs, and you’ll get to see their traditional dress. You will also get to try some traditional Buryat dishes.

Travel to Peschanaya Bay by speedboat (140 km; 50 kmph). On the way you will see Ogoy Island, where the Buddhist Enlightenment Stupa is located. You will also get to see the Tazheransk steppe from the speedboat. Evening arrival in the bay.

You will spend the evening on the shore of Lake Baikal, cook fish and potatoes on the campfire, and have a picnic. Russian baths on the shore of Lake Baikal.

3rd day

Breakfast. Walk around the bay. Climb a the mountain peak.

Travel to Bolshie Koty village (60 km).  Accommodation is in a Chalet (a comfortable double room). Free time, walking tour with the guide.

4th day

Breakfast. Before lunch: walking tour (if desired) - to a mountain peak, either Skinner Rock or the Chyornaya (Black) Fall.

After lunch: Taiga tour. Travel to Listvyanka village by ATVs (25 km).  Arrive in Listvyanka village. Hotel check in (standard room). Free time.

5th day

Breakfast.  Travel to the Irkutsk airport. Departure.

Price per person: 56,000 rubles

Price per group: 448,000 rubles

Each program can be adjusted taking your preferences, budget and, of course, imagination into consideration.

The price includes:

Pick up at the airport/the railway station

Guide services

Meals according to the program

Transportation according to the program

 ATVs rentals on the route (Bolshie Koty – Listvyanka village)

Speedboat rentals (Olkhon island – Peschanaya bay – Bolshie Koty)

Hotel accommodation in the recreation center in Khuzhir village, Olkhon island (comfortable double rooms)

Hotel accommodation in the Baikal Dunes recreation center (comfortable double rooms)

Hotel accommodation in Irkutsk (comfortable double rooms); 

Hotel accommodation in the recreation center in Bolshie Koty (comfortable double rooms);

Russian bath rental in Peschanaya Bay;

For an additional charge:

Air and railway tickets

Additional excursions (horse riding, diving, etc.)


We recommend you bring:

Fishing equipment

Warm clothes (jacket, fleece sweater, hat, warm socks)

Comfortable shoes (sneakers)

Swimming attire




Personal medicine