The Golden Ring of Altai

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Mount Aktru
Aktru - The valley of The Chulyshman River – Teletskoye lake
8 Days 7 Nights

This tour allows you to tour and see Altai for eight days. The program includes the most famous, interesting places in Altai. The Aktru gorge attracts attention due to the whiteness of its ice fields. This most amazing and unusual valley of the Chulyshman river impresses with its beauty from the very first glance. You will also see Teletskoe Lake -  the pearl of Altai. A huge number of archaeological monuments, rock paintings, stone sculptures, and barrows along the entire tract suggests that these places were inhabited long ago, and that their natural resources were attractive to different peoples and at different times. You will learn about the people who inhabited these places, and about their traditions, rituals and legends.

Transportation will be in a Russian ground vehicle (GAZ, UAZ, KAMAZ, URAL) equipped for safe driving and transportation. Accommodation will be in tents or in camp houses for 2-6 people, without amenities.

Day 1

Barnaul / Gorno-Altaisk – Barangol village - Uch-Enmek  Nature Park (by car, 500/200 km).
Group meeting. Travel to the Barangol village, and then further to the natural park. You will pass by the famous road of Chuya, cross Seminsky, and descend into the valley of the Ursul river.
Accommodation in the territory of Uch-Enmek ethno-village in tents or wooden houses – yurts for 2-6 people, facilities on the territory. You will have an opportunity to order “banya”.

Day 2

Uch-Enmek - Aktash village - Kuray village - Aktru alpine camp (by car,250 km).
The next pass on our way is "Flat sole" Chike-Taman. The height of the pass is 1460 m. Along the Chui tract there are a lot of interesting places to visit. In the Kuray village the road turns to “Perevalki”. This is where the trekking part of the trip starts–we’ll walk along the Aktru river to the Aktru alpine camp, which is a trek of about 10 km (2000 m above sea level). The Aktru valley attracts not only active tourist groups, but also vacationers.
Accommodation in tents or wooden houses on the grounds of the Aktru recreation center for 2-4 people, facilities on the territory. You will have an opportunity to order “banya”.

Day 3

Pedestrian excursion to the Light Blue lake (Goluboe ozero)  (6-8 hours, 16 km)
Today you will take an amazing walking tour along the Actru river. Following the Aktru river road, you will observe curving rock formations before going up to the Big Aktru Glacier and finally discovering the Light Blue lake (2840 m). Despite its name, the lake is a beautiful greenish-turquoise color. The water in the lake is +2 degrees Celsius, but there a lot of people who want to not only see this beautiful lake, but also take a dip in it. In good weather you will have a magnificent view of the surrounding peaks.
Return to the recreation center.

Day 4

Aktru –Kuray village –  Aktash village – Ulagansky pass (by car, 110 km)
You will take the Chuysky tract road, and then pass Aktash village, passing the Red Doors and alpine meadows towards the Dead Lakes. We will stop for the night in a tent near the Ulagan pass. Here you will see picturesque landscapes reminiscent of the great landscaped Swiss Alps.
Accommodation in tents or wooden houses on the grounds of Aktru recreation center for 2-4 people, facilities on the territory. You will have an opportunity to order “banya”.

Day 5

Ulagansky Pass - Ulagan village - Katu Yaryk Pass (descent from the pass on foot 3 km) - Chulyshman River (by car, 120 km).
You will take an impressive trip towards the Chulyshman River valley. You will observe the sacred continental shelf sheltering the Scythian tumulus of Pazyryk that indicate the graves of nomadic noblemen dating back to the VI-VII centuries. Today you’ll take the Katu-Yaryk passage on foot (ascent and descent - 3 km). Lunch of freshly-fished kharius. Dinner and a night of camping.
You will see the Pazyryk burial mounds–a chain of 5 burial mounds, representing the graves of nomadic noblemen dating back to the VI-VII centuries. You will pass the Katu-Yaryk passage. You will have a magnificent view from above the beautiful valley of the Chulyshman river.
Descent from the pass on foot (about 3 km). Dinner and spend the night on the bank of the Chulyshman river.

Day 6

Walking excursion to Uchar waterfall (22 km, 8-10 hours).
Wake up early. Excursion to the Uchar waterfall (160 meters high, the highest cascade of the Altai Krai). 
The roar of the water can be heard long before arriving at the waterfall, and near the cascade it becomes so loud that you can only be heard by screaming. You should take the necessary safety precautions and be careful when moving, especially in rainy weather. 
Return to the campsite.

Day 7

The Chulcha river - Stone Mushrooms – The Teletskoe lake (by car, 40 km).
Cross to the right bank of the Chulyshman river. Visit the Stone Mushrooms: rock formations created by erosion, wind, and rain through the millenniums.
Return to the left bank of the Chulyshman river, lunch. After lunch, travel to Teletskoye Lake.

Day 8

Teletskoe Lake - Artybash village - Barangol village - Barnaul (by boat, 78 km, by car, 490 km).
Today you will take a trip along Teletskoye lake by boat (78 km). Teletskoe lake is one of the main attractions, sights and mysteries of the Altai Mountains. No wonder the locals call it "Altyn-Köl", which means "Golden Lake". Not visiting the lake means not truly seeing the Altai Mountains. Visit the Corbu waterfall.
In Artibash village a bus awaits you to take you to your destination. Travel to the Barangol village (by car, 190 km). Banya. Farewell dinner. Depart for Barnaul (22:00, by car, 300 km) / Gorno-Altaisk.

* Departure to Gorno-Altaisk airport the next morning (40 km). You will need to book accommodation in Barangol village for one night. The cost of accommodation is not included in the tour price.