Enjoy the excursion tour of Altai with excellent guide service and a comfortable hotel accommodation provided. Take a step towards Altai and you won't be disappointed!

The trip is available: from May to September
The tour lasts: 9days/8nights

During this trip you will explore a marvelous place, located in the mysterious Altai Mountains. The beauties of nature, the distinctive landmarks and the historic monuments will definitely take your breath away. There not only will you experience an unknown world full of secrets and surprises, but also you will find the accumulated wisdom of generations of local residents. You will meet people who regard nature as their Mother and who respect and protect the intact beauty of their land.

Aktru - The valley of The Chulyshman River – Teletskoye lake
8 Days 7 Nights

This tour allows you to tour and see Altai for eight days. The program includes the most famous, interesting places in Altai. The Aktru gorge attracts attention due to the whiteness of its ice fields. This most amazing and unusual valley of the Chulyshman river impresses with its beauty from the very first glance. You will also see Teletskoe Lake -  the pearl of Altai. A huge number of archaeological monuments, rock paintings, stone sculptures, and barrows along the entire tract suggests that these places were inhabited long ago, and that their natural resources were attractive to different peoples and at different times. You will learn about the people who inhabited these places, and about their traditions, rituals and legends.

Excursion tour 11 days / 10 nights 
High season: May-September

Altai is the ancestral home of the modern Turkic peoples of the world.

It is the place where the first Turkic tribes appeared and spread to all four corners of the earth. The area they settled is very broad. One side of the Turkic world borders the Atlantic Ocean through the Strait of Gibraltar. The other side borders the Indian Ocean, through the way that the Great Moguls paved. In the north, the homeland of fraternal peoples - the Yakuts and Sakha - border with the Arctic Ocean. And if we take into account that most of the Turks have spread to the Middle East, and that the Korean and Japanese people share common roots with them (their languages belong to the Altaic group of languages), then the fourth side of the Turkic world reaches the Pacific Ocean.