Kazan without borders

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Kazan – Elabuga – Volga Bulhars – Bilyar – Chistopol’ – Raifa – Sviyazhsk
8 days /7 nights.

Tour itinerary. Overview and description.



09:00-09:45 – Breakfast at the city café.

10:00 – Walking tour, "the Kazan kupetsky" (“The Merchant Kazan”) around the central, historical part of the city with a visit to the "Velomania" Museum (this costs extra, it is 350 RUB/person).

10:45-11:00 – Meet at the ”Kazan-Passazhirskaya” station at the "KAZAN TRAVEL AGENCY" sign.

11:20-11:40 -  Meet in the concourse at the "Vosstaniye" railway station at the "KAZAN TRAVEL AGENCY" sign.

-Transportation to lunch.

 11:30  – Lunch at the city cafe (for late arrivals).

 12:30 – The "Kazan millennial" tour loop. This tour covers the most interesting and ancient places in Kazan: The Lower town – Old - Tatar Sloboda, the Azimovian mosque, The Kaban Lake. "Home village". The Cathedral of Peter and Paul was built in 1723-1726 in memory of Peter the First’s stay in Kazan. The Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, the Miraculous icon of the Virgin of Kazan (the miracle working Kazan icon of the Mother of God) returned from the Vatican to Russia. The 1,000 Years of Kazan Museum in the National Cultural Center (with panoramic views of Kazan). Kazan State University, Freedom Square, City Hall, Kremlin Street, 1,000 Years of Kazan Park.

16:00 – Lunch at the city café.

 – Transportation to the hotel, accommodation.

 – Free time.

Day 2 MONDAY (walking)


– Breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

10:00 – "The Kazan kupetsky" walking tour around the central, historical part of the city, with a visit to the "Velomania" Museum (at an extra cost of 350 RUB/person), for those who arrived late on Sunday.

12:30 – Walking tour at the "Kazan Kremlin" Museum-reserve: The Syuyumbike Leaning Tower.  Cathedral of the Annunciation. Governor’s Palace. The legendary “Kuhl Sharif” mosque. The architectural monuments. The "Kazan Arbat" walking excursion on Prolomnaya street (now Bauman) – the history of the central trading street of Kazan, the city’s complex of architectural monuments: the Bell tower of the Church of the Epiphany (the Church of the Epiphany, where Fyodor Chaliapin was baptized when he was a child); the State Bank is where Russia’s gold reserve was kept; the Press House, fountains, a copy of the carriage of Empress Catherine the Second, etc.

 16:00 – Lunch at the city cafe.

 – Free time. Return on your own to the hotel.

Day 3 TUESDAY (walking)


– Breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

10:00 – Meet the guide at the “Tatarstan” hotel.

 Walking tour around the Old - Tatar settlement.

 – Visit the Natural history Museum in the Kremlin. Independent Museum visits (for an additional fee): the Socialist lifestyle Museum, Museum of Konstantin Vasilyev, the Museum of Fine Arts, the National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan, Museum of Chak-Chak and several others.

 14:00 – Lunch at the city cafe.

 – Free time. Return on your own to the hotel.



 – Breakfast at the hotel restaurant.


 Optional choices (for an additional fee):

12:30 – Bus excursion to Raifa, a male Monastery to the Mother of God(600 RUB/pers.) – an architectural complex from the XVII-XIX centuries. There are a lot of tourist attractions such as: the miracle-working Georgian icon of the Mother of God, the smallest church in Europe, in the name of the martyresses Vera(Faith), Nadezhda (Hope), Lyubov (Love) and their mother Sophia(Wisdom) (the church doesn’t hold more than 7 persons), Trinity Cathedral, a Church in memory of the Holy Fathers who had been tortured in Sinai and Raithu. We will be driving by "the Temple of all religions”, so you will see that as well.

 – Return to Kazan.

16:00 – Lunch at the city cafe. Free time. Return on your own to the hotel.



– Breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

12:00 – Check-out. Leave luggage at the hotel.

 – Free time.

15:00 – Lunch at the city cafe.

16:00 – Winetasting cruise to Kazan’s alcoholic beverage manufacturing “Tatspirtprom”. Souvenir shopping.

17:00 – Visit one of the small museums in the city: sightseeing, tea with Tatar traditional sweets and baking (chak-chak, Kosh-tele, talkysh dough).

19:00 – Transport to the Bulghars. Accommodation at the hotel Regina (3 stars).

TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION! During the summer season, and during vacation times, the Regina hotel may be reserved by a children's camp. If that is the case, visitors stay in Kazan at their hotels. Departure to the Bulghars the next morning will be at 07:00.

 – Free time.



– Breakfast at the hotel restaurant. Check out of the rooms.

 – Tour around the Bulghar settlement (entrance tickets at an extra charge). The Bulghar historical and architectural Museum-reserve was founded in 1722 by Peter the First. Visit to a Museum, there are remains of buildings from the XIII-XVI centuries: the ruins of the Cathedral  Mosque and Minaret of the great "Khan's turbe"; the Northern and Eastern mausoleums; "Red", "Black" and "White" Palaces, the East Baths.

 – Excursion around the Bulghar Museum of Local Lore.

 – Transport to the city of Bilyar (150 km) – the capital of the ancient state of Volga Bulgaria.

 – Tour the Bilyarsk settlement, a natural historical and archaeological Museum-reserve, a visit to the Muslim pilgrimage complex, "Jugular Tau", and to the Source, "Holy Spring".

 – Transfer to Chistopol’. Bus sightseeing tour around the city. Visit the Pasternak Museum (entrance tickets for an extra charge).

– Lunch at the city cafe.

– Guided bus tour around the city: see the St. Nicholas Cathedral, the building of the female Muslim school (1911), the wooden mosque (1859); the ruins of the Zukotynski settlement on the way back from the city.

 – Transfer to Elabuga.

 – Arrival. Accommodation at the “Toyma” budget hotel (Accommodation at the "Alabuga city" hotel for an extra fee).

 – Free time.



– Breakfast at the hotel restaurant. Check out of the rooms.

 – Sightseeing bus tour around the city with a visit to the Elabuga settlement – a monument of architecture and archaeology from the X-XI centuries , the Shishkinsky Ponds, the memorial complex of Marina Tsvetaeva, and more historical and memorable places of the city. Visit the interesting museums of the city: memorial house-Museum of I. I. Shishkin; the House of memory of M. I. Tsvetaeva (the house where she lived her final days); the Museum "Pertamina" (“Washhouse”), Literary Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva (for an extra cost); the Museum-estate of N.. Durova (for an extra cost).

 – Lunch (extra charge).

 – Transfer to Kazan. Accommodation at the hotels.

– Free time.



– Breakfast at the hotel restaurant. Check out of the rooms.

– Bus tour to the island-town of Sviyazhsk with a visit to its unique Churches: the  wooden Trinity Church of the XVI century, which was visited twice by Ivan the Terrible (before and after the capture of Kazan); the Dormition Monastery, the churches of: the Mother of God “Consolation of all the Afflicted”, St. Nicholas and St. Sergius.

 Museum of the history of the Sviyazhsk Island-town (extra charge).

– Return to Kazan.

15:30 – Lunch with the master-class "Secrets of Tatar cuisine": you will learn how the national Tartar dishes are cooked (noodles Tartar, echpochmak, tatly, tea Tartar), taste the cooked meal.

 – A visit to the national store, "Bakhetle", where you can do your shopping (National Souvenirs and gifts).

16:30-17:00 – Transfer to the railway station.