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Great Kazan

Kazan - Cheboksary - Yoshkar-Ola - Yelabuga - Bulgary- Bilyar - Chistopol’ - Raifa - Sviyazhsk

The tour lasts 10 days/9 nights



Day1 Friday

·         Arrival at the Kazan railway station. Our guide will meet you in one of the central hotels: “Tatarstan”, “Shalyapin” or “Ibis”. (You will have to get to the appointed place on your own.)

·         Breakfast in the cafe.

·         Transfer to Cheboksary (150 km ).

·         Bus sightseeing tour of Cheboksary, the capital of Chuvashia.You will see the city and get acquainted with Chuvashian culture. You will see the brightest moments of the 535-year history of the city right before your eyes, while the show A Soul in Perfect Bliss will illustrate the national Akatuy festival. The event is held in a guesthouse where you’ll have the chance to taste Chuvashian beer.

·         Lunch in a restaurant

·         Transfer to Kazan

·         18:30 – 19:00 – Arrival,.Check-in.

·         Leisure time


Day 2 Saturday


·         Breakfast at the hotel

·         11:30 - Guided bus excursion, A 1000-year old Kazan: During the tour you will see the following major tourist attractions: Lower city - Starotatarskaya (Old Tatar) sloboda, Azimovskaya mosque, Lake Qaban, Home village.

·         You will then proceed to see the churches of great historical importance: the Petropavlovsky (Peter and Paul) Cathedral built in 1723-1726 to immortalize Peter the Great’s visit to the city and Krestovozdvizhenskaya (Holy Cross) church with the miracle-working icon Our Lady of Kazan which was returned from the Vatican to Russia.

·         After visiting the Museum of the Millennium of Kazan in the National Cultural Center you will enjoy a panoramic view of the city…

·         and then go on to see other fascinating landmarks: Kazan Federal University, Freedom Square, The Town Hall, Kremlin Street, the Park of the Millennium of Kazan.

·         15:00 - Lunch in a cafe

·         16:00 - Leisure time. Transfer to the hotel isn’t provided.

·         You will have this afternoon to explore the city on your own.

Day 3 Sunday

Kazan - Yoshkar-Ola - Kazan

Breakfast at the hotel

08:00 Guided tour to Yoshkar-Ola, the capital of the Mari-El Republic.

·         Sightseeing. You will see the houses of well-known merchants: Pchelin, Bulygin, and the Korepovs.

·         As for religious objects, you will explore the legends of the Voznesenskaya (Ascension) church and have a look at the restored cathedrals.

·         And the highlight of the tour - the Yoshkar-Ola Kremlin, which was built in 2009 upon the model of the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin. You will visit the museums located in its towers.

·         After that we will enjoy a walk along S. Chavain memorial pedestrian boulevard. Then we’ll proceed to the Municipal Park where you will see the “Tree of Life” monument and the Military Memorial Complex. The route also includes the Obolensky-Nogotkov Square, named after the first ruler of the city, the National Art Gallery and the Yoshkar-Ola Tsar Cannon.

·         Then we will head to the embankment, visit Patriarch Square and Virgin Mary Square. And, finally, an absolute must-see - the musical clock with moving figures which represent the scene of the entry of the Lord into Jerusalem. Don’t forget to visit a souvenir shop beforehand.

·         Lunch in a cafe/restaurant

·         17:45 – 18:00 Transfer to Kazan.

Day 4 Monday

Walking day

·         Breakfast at the hotel

·         10:00 Walking tour: Kazan of the Merchants’ Age (the city center)

·         After the tour you can have a rest or go on an optional excursion to the Velomania museum (extra payment of 350 roubles)

·         12:30 Walking tour around the Kazan Kremlin, a World Heritage Site

·         While walking behind the Kremlin walls you will admire the following major attractions: Falling Soyembika Tower, The Annunciation Cathedral, The Governor’s House, The legendary Qol Sarif Mosque and other landmarks.

·         Then we will head to the “local Arbat” - Prolomnaya (Bauman) Street. You will get acquainted with the history of the street where almost every building is an outstanding piece of architecture. The main attractions are: the bell tower of the Epiphany Cathedral -  the very cathedral where little Fyodor Shalyapin was baptized, The State Bank where the Russian gold reserve used to be kept, The House of Printing, fountains, the replica of Catherine the Second’s carriage.

·         14:00 Lunch in a cafe.

·         15:00 Leisure time. No transfer provided.

Day 5 Tuesday

Walking day

·         Breakfast at the hotel

·         10:00 - Our guide will wait for you in the Tatarstan hotel.

·         We will walk along the Starotatarskaya (Old Tatar) Village and visit the Natural History Museum in the Kremlin.

·         If you are not yet tired from the day, Kazan has a lot to offer: the Soviet lifestyle museum, the Konstantin Vasiliev Museum,The Visual Arts Museum, The National Museum of the Tatrstan, The Chak-chak museum (extra charge).

·         14:00 - Lunch in a cafe.

·         Leisure time. No transportation provided.

Day 6 Wednesday
         10:00 - Breakfast at the hotel

·         Leisure time or

·         Guided tour to the Raifa Bogoroditsky Monastery (600 rubles) Its territory comprises buildings from the XII to XIX centuries. You will have a chance to see the miracle-working icon of the Virgin of Georgia, visit the smallest church in Europe, dedicated to Faith, Love, Charity, and their mother Sofia, which can accommodate only seven people, the Trinity Cathedral, and the Church in the Name of Holy fathers slain at Sinai and Raithu.

·         On the way back you will have a look at the Temple of All Religions.

Day 7 Thursday

·         Breakfast at the hotel. Check-out. You will be able to leave your baggage at the hotel cloakroom.

·         In the morning you will have free time to stroll along the hospitable Kazan streets once more, buy souvenirs or just have a rest.

·         15:00 Lunch

·         16:00 An excursion to the Tatspirtprom factory. Alcohol sampling and souvenirs are not included in the price.

·         17:00 A visit to one of the small museums, which includes excursion and tea with traditional Tatar deserts (chak-chak, kosh-tele, talkysh-kaleve)

·         19:00 Transfer to Bulgary. Check-in at the Regina hotel (3 stars)

IMPORTANT: during the summer period or school holidays the hotel may be reserved by a children’s summer camp. At such times, the tourists stay in their hotels in Kazan and are transferred to Bulgary at 7:00 the next morning.

·         Leisure time

Day 8 Friday

Bulgary- Bilyar - Chistopol’

·         Breakfast at the hotel. Check-out.

·         Guided tour of the Bulgar settlement (extra charge).

·         Our guide will escort you to the Bulgar Architecture museum, which was founded by Peter the Great in 1722. You will explore the ruins of architectural monuments dating back to the XIII - XVI centuries. The territory of the museum is comprised of the following historical sights:  the Cathedral mosque and Khan Burial vault, the Northern and Eastern mausoleums, the Red, Black and White halls, the Eastern baths.

·         Excursion to the Historical Museum of Bulgary.

·         Transfer to Bilyar (150km)

·         Bilyar served as the capital of the ancient Volga Bulgaria.

·         Guided tour around the Bilyar settlement, which is the Natural, Historical and Architectural Museum. You will visit the Muslim Center of Pilgrimage Khuzhalar Tau and the Holy Spring.

Transfer to Chistopol’

·         Guided city tour

·         Pasternak Memorial Museum (optional)

·         Guided bus tour: During the tour you will see Nikolsky Cathedral, the Muslim school for women (1911), a Wooden mosque built in 1859, and the ruins of the Zhukotinsoye settlement outside the town.

Transfer to Yelabuga

Arrival.Check-in to the budget hotel Toima or at the Alabuga City Hotel (extra charge)

Leisure time

Day 9 Saturday


Breakfast at the hotel, Check-out

·         Guided tour of Elabuzhskoye settlement – a monument of architecture and archeology from the X-XI centuries. You will enjoy the beauty of the Shishkin Ponds, visit Marina Tsvetayeva Memorial Museum and other historical landmarks.

·         Then we will visit some more of this small town’s abundant museums: Ivan Shishkin house-museum and the Memorial House of Marina Tsvetayeva (the place where she spent the last years of her life) and The Portomoinya Museum.

·         For lovers of poetry or history we offer an optional excursion to Marina Tsvetayeva Literary Museum or N.A. Durova Estate Museum.

·         Lunch (optional)

·         Transfer to Kazan. Check-in

·         Leisure time

Day 10 Sunday

Kazan’ - Sviyazhsk

·         Breakfast at the hotel. Check-out.

Guided tour to Sviyazhsk, the island town

·         The town if filled with unique architecture. So many outstanding temples are clustered in a comparatively small area. For example, the wooden Trinity Church dating back to the XVI century, which was visited by Ivan the Terrible twice: before and after the seizure of Kazan.

·         While there, you will see the Uspensky Monastery, the Church of Joy to All the Lamenting, Nikolskaya Church and Sergiyevskaya Church.

·         You can also visit the Historical Museum of the Sviyazhsk island town (optional)

·         Transfer to Kazan

·         15:30 Lunch and workshop The Secrets of Tatar Cuisine You will learn how authentic Tatar dishes are cooked (Tatar noodle, echpochmak, tatly, Tatar tea) And of course you will taste the prepared dishes!

·         Shopping in Bakhetle where you can buy souvenirs and gifts

16:30 – 17:00 Transfer to the railway station