A Weekend in Saint Petersburg

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White Nights

Saint Petersburg – Tsarskoe Selo – Saint Petersburg

2 days/1 night

A walking tour around the city of Saint Petersburg, which is rightfully called the second capital of Russia, namely because of its size and cultural heritage. A visit to The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood. A tour to the Hermitage. An out-of-town tour to Tsarskoe Selo with a visit to the Catherine Palace and park. 

Kazan Cathedral
A walking tour. The concise beauty of the Kazan Cathedral’s and Mikhailovsky Garden’s fence design; the intricate lace of the railings on the embankments and bridges; the never-ending melody of the cast-iron lacework represents the uniqueness of Saint Petersburg, and is one of the distinctive features of the “Northern Capital”.

The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood
A tour to the Temple of the Resurrection of Christ (The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood). Built in the early 20th century on the site where Emperor Alexander II had been mortally wounded. All the interior walls of the cathedral – from the basement to the main dome – are covered by an amazing mosaic carpet of icons and ornaments. The decoration of the temple is considered the country’s rarest collection of the Russian mosaic art.

A tour to the Hermitage, featuring one of the largest collection of works of art and monuments of the world’s culture, beginning from the Stone Age through the current century. Among the pearls of the Hermitage’s collection there are works of Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael, Gauguin and Picasso, Titian and Rembrandt, as well as other artists.

Catherine Palace
An out-of-town tour to Tsarskoe Selo with a visit to the Catherine Palace. Tsarskoe Selo was a country-side residence of the Russian emperors; now it is one of the most beautiful suburban areas in Saint Petersburg, which you can visit any time of the year. During the tour, you will explore such internationally famous monuments as the Catherine Palace, the Cameron Gallery, the Hermitage and the Grotto pavilions. And of course, you will hear the story about the main glorifier of the Tsarskoe Selo’s beauties, Alexander Pushkin, after whom the town was named.