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Kazan kremlin
Kazan – Raifa – Sviyazhsk

2 day/1 night (budget tour)

Day 1

8:00 – 8:30 – Our guide will meet you at the Kazan Passazhirskaya station, or the Kazan Vosstaniye station.

10:45 – 11:15 - Our guide will meet you at Kazan Passazhirskaya

The guide will hand out an envelope with all the necessary information including the itinerary.

Then you will be taken to your hotel. You can leave your baggage in the hotel cloakroom. Check-in time is 13:00, but if you wish you can check in earlier for an extra charge.

The guide will meet you at one of the central hotels: the Tatarstan, the Shalyapin or the Ibis. You will have to get to the appointed place on your own.

Bus sightseeing tour. This tour is a great way to get to know all the city’s major highlights. You will drive along the Kremlin, Bulak, and Petersburg streets and see the following places of interest: Starotatarskaya Sloboda (Old Tatar Village), one of the two most prominent mosques - Äcem (Aimovskaya) or the Märcani, the Park of the Millenium of Kazan, Krestovozdvizhenskaya (Holy Cross) church with the miracle-working icon Our Lady of Kazan, Peter and Paul Cathedral, and infrastructure from the 2013 Universiade.

Then we will head to the Kazan Kremlin, the main landmark of the city. This place has seen its share of historical events: from great Tatar states and Imperial Russia to the recent renovations and international events held in the city. Ivan the Terrible thrice failed to conquer the city.

In the 20th century Fyodor Chaliapin sang in the choir of the cathedral.

 One of the most magnificent monuments – the Qol Sharif mosque, which was just built in 2005, has fit into the ensemble and become one of the symbols of the city.

The Falling Soyembika Tower, one of the world’s seven falling towers, was named after the queen Soyembika. According to the legend, the beautiful girl Soyembika threw herself out of the seventh story of the tallest building in Kazan in order to avoid becoming Ivan the Terrible’s wife.

Having heard all the legends of the Kazan Kremlin, we will proceed to the Kazan Arbat – Bauman Street. While walking along the street we will admire Catherine the Second’s carriage, the monument to Fyodor Chaliapin, and the National Bank where the Russian gold reserve used to be kept. This vibrant street combines the past with the present: numerous entertainment venues, street musicians and artists stand next to historic monuments.

Optional: if you’re eager to enjoy the panoramic views of Kazan, we invite you to take The Lights of Kazan, a night bus excursion. (Extra charge of 650 rubles) You will be able to book this in Kazan.

Day 2

Breakfast. After breakfast you will have free time to explore the city on your own.

Check out.

Guided tour of Sviyazhsk, the island town

On the way to Sviyazhsk you will see the Zilantov Monastery and the monument to Ivan the Terrible’s Army.

Sightseeing tour of Sviyazhsk, which was built in just one month after the seizure of Kazan. You will see the unique temples. One of them is the wooden Trinity Church, dating back to the XVI century, which was visited by Ivan the Terrible twice - before and after the seizure of Kazan.


Guided tour of the Raifa Bogoroditsky Monastery. Its territory comprises the buildings from the XII to XIX centuries. You will have a chance to see the miracle-working icon of the Virgin of Georgia, visit the smallest church in Europe, dedicated to Faith, Love, Charity, and their mother Sofia, which can accommodate only seven people at a time, the Trinity Cathedral, and the Church in the Name of Holy fathers slain at Sinai and Raithu.

On the way back you will have a look at the Temple of All Religions.

Transfer to Kazan

16:00 Transfer to Kazan-Passazhirskaya. Transfer to Kazan-Vosstaniya isn’t provided.


Departure to Moscow


IMPORTANT: We will not be taking orders for group or collective tours from June 16 to July 2 due to the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup