The Sacred Land of Yaroslavl

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The Sacred Land
Yaroslavl – Karabikha (railway trip)


The city of Yaroslavl is situated on the Volga River. A sightseeing city tour. The historic center of Yaroslavl is included on the UNESCO World Heritage list. A visit to the Enamel Art Museum. A bus tour to the “Karabikha” State Literary Memorial Museum Reserve, named after Nikolai Nekrasov.

Hotel 3* Hotel, Yaroslavl

A sightseeing city tour will introduce you to the most remarkable architectural monuments and sites: the Volkov Theatre, the Church of Elijah the Prophet, the chapel of Alexandr Nevsky, the temple of John the Precursor in the Tolchkovskaya Sloboda and other things. You will hear the legend of the founding of the city, and stories about the Yaroslavl princes, vicegerents and governors.
Church of Elijah the Prophet

A visit to the Enamel Art Museum: You will discover the history of the unique art of the hot enamel technique, follow the process of enamelwork and the products created by modern enamel artists from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and Japan.

Following the tour, there will be a workshop on hot enamel (at an extra charge). Each participant will have the opportunity to personally create an enamel product under the master’s direction, and fire it in a blind roaster.

Prices: A pendant – 450 Rub, A miniature – 650 Rub.

In the morning, during the free-time individual walking tour around the historic center you will have an excellent opportunity to have a one-on-one encounter with the ancient city, and feel the spirit of the Yaroslavl old times.

KarabikhaA bus tour to the “Karabikha” State Literary Memorial Museum Reserve named after Nikolai Nekrasov. Karabikha is the only noble estate in the Yaroslavl Oblast which has preserved its architectural design, because immediately after 1917 it became the Nekrasov Museum.

For guests staying from the 6th to the 7th of January there will be a Christmas program and horse riding in the estate.

For guests staying from the 25th to the 26th of February there will be a Maslenitsa program in the estate: open-air merry making, horse riding and a tea party with pancakes.