The Princess Castle, the Emperor’s Battleship and the Usman Beavers

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Voronezh Reserve

Bogoroditsk – Ramon (the Castle of the Princess of Oldenburg) – Zadonsk– Voronezh – Grafsky Biosphere Reserve


A visit to the Bogoroditsky Palace Museum in Zadonsk. The castle of the Princess of Oldenburg (Ramon). Voronezh sightseeing tour. Major attractions of the city. A visit to the Grafsky Reserve - one of the oldest reserves in Russia. “The Beaver’s House” interactive museum.

Zadonsk Hotel (Zadonsk), Holiday Inn Express (Voronezh)

A visit to the Bogoroditsky Palace Museum: The Bogoroditsky palace and park were formerly owned by Catherine II and were later inherited by her son, count Aleksei Bobrinsky. Nowadays, the renovated opulent palace’s ceremonial halls have been restored, and are filled with unique collections of paintings and drawings, sculptures and items of applied art. 

Those who wish can visit the Rozhdestvo-Bogoroditsky Zadonsky monastery (independently).
Rozhdestvo-Bogoroditsky Zadonsky monastery

Departure to Ramon: Few towns in Russia can boast a coat of arms depicting an amazing gothic castle.

The castle of the Princess of Oldenburg – the only example of old English architecture in Russia, an amazing knight castle, which seems to have been miraculously brought to the lands of Voronezh right from the novels by Conan Doyle.
castle of the Princess of Oldenburg

A trip to Voronezh. Voronezh is one of the most astonishing cities of Russia; its eventful history has left its mark everywhere, embellishing the city streets with amazing cultural and architectural monuments.
Admiralty Square

A Voronezh sightseeing tour: A visit to the major attractions of Voronezh: Avenue of the Revolution, Koltsovsky and Petrovsky public gardens, the Pokrovsky cathedral, Admiralty Square, the Church of the Assumption (Admiralty), the bell tower of the Alekseevsky Akatov monastery, the Kamenny Bridge, Victory Square.

A tour to the Goto Predestinatsia ship-museum (in winter the availability of the tour to the ship is subject to weather conditions, the visit is not guaranteed)*, which in Russian signifies the disposition of Providence – was the first Russian Naval ship. The vessel was laid down in 1698 at the Voronezh shipyard.Goto Predestinatsia ship-museum

Departure to the Voronezh natural biosphere reserve named after Vasily Peskov, or simply the Grafsky Reserve. It is one of the oldest reserves in Russia; it occupies an area of 30,000 hectares. Hundreds of animal species live here. The biggest of them – boars, elks, roe deers and red deers. 

You will visit a beaver nursery. It is not just a nursery, but a scientific and educational complex, including a large two-level aquarium with a beaver hut, where the beavers swim. There is also an interactive museum called “The Beaver’s House”. The sign plate on the door of the nursery says: “The Beaver has his schedule. He doesn’t know that you have bought a ticket! We can’t tell you beforehand whether the beaver is going to swim or not!”

Spare time in the territory of the reserve. You can visit the Nature Museum on your own or walk along the “Sacred Fairy Tale” eco-trail.