The Literary Capital of Russia

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Orel city
Orel – The Orel Polesie – The Turgenev Polesie (a rail road trip)


A sightseeing tour around Orel. A visit to the “Nest of Gentlefolk” natural reserve. A guided tour to the museum of the writer Ivan Bunin and to the Museum of Orlovtsy Writers. The national park, “Orel Polesie”. A visit to the regional literary and historical museum, “Turgenev’s Polesie”. 

Our sightseeing tour around Orel will introduce you to the city. You will visit the “Nest of Gentlefolk” natural reserve on the high riverside of Oka, where the urban estate used to stand. From the observation platform at the Turgenev Pavilion you will feast your eyes on the amazing panorama of the city adorned with the domes of ancient temples and the facades of merchants’ manors, inhaling freshness. 
Nest of Gentlefolk natural reserve

A guided tour to the museum of the writer Ivan Bunin – an exciting journey to the world of an icon of Russian literature. Once you step into the dusty pink house in the old Georgievsky bystreet of Orel, you will feel like you are the great writer’s guest.

The introduction to the literary heritage of the city and its suburbs will continue in the Museum of Orlovtsy Writers. This is what the constellation of talented Russian writers, whose life and work are inseparably associated with the Orlovshina, is called: Afanasy Fet, Leonid Andreev, Boris Zaitsev, Mikhail Prishvin, Ivan Novikov. As an option, you can visit the Orel State Academic Theatre named after Turgenev (extra charge)

Arrival at the “Orel Polesie”: The national park occupies the territory of more than 77 thousand hectares and is situated on  a unique spot – it is on the border of two distinct zones of nature: deciduous forests and a forest-steppe zone. The Orel Polesie prides itself especially on its 200 bisons. You can see some of them if you visit the zoo enclosure complex.
Orel Polesie The national park

Ostriches live in the Orel Polesie as well. They have perfectly acclimatized to the forests of the Orel region. During the guided tour around the national park you will learn about its flora and fauna, enjoy the fragrant air of the dense deciduous forests, and hear the ancient legends about Solovei the Whistler-Robber, who lived here beyond the nine oaks in the Orel Polesie.
Orel Polesie The national park

A visit to the regional literary and historical museum “Turgenev’s Polesie”: You will find some “Antiquities of Ilyinskoye” in the museum, including the artifacts found during excavations and collections of ancient coins and household articles, gathered by local residents; samples of traditional garments, pieces of old churchware.

The genuine folk music repertoire of the Polesie that you will hear will take you to the distant past. The repertoire of the group includes numerous Russian folk and old ceremonial songs that are passed down from generation to generation.