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Amazing cathedral
Kursk – The Kursk Korennaya Pustyn – The Village of Vorobievka (The Museum of Afanasy Fet)


A sightseeing tour around Kursk - the land of eventful history, beautiful landscapes and glorious deeds of the great sons of the Fatherland. The Kurskaya Duga open-air memorial complex. A visit to the Archeology Museum. A trip to the Kursk Korennaya Pustyn, an active monastery. The museum estate of Afanasy Fet in the village of Vorobievka.

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A sightseeing tour around the city will begin with a visit to the Kurskaya Duga open-air memorial complex, dedicated to one of the key battles of the Great Patriotic War. Afterwards, there will be a short walking tour along the streets of Kursk to the Sergievsko-Kazansky Cathedral. It features an amazingly beautiful 18-meter high gilded iconostasis carved in the baroque style.
Kurskaya Duga

A visit to the Archeology Museum: The Museum is one of the oldest secular buildings in Kursk. Its collections tell the eventful history of Kurse, beginning from distant antiquity up through the 20th century.

A trip to the Kursk Korennaya Pustyn, the active monastery. Exactly on this spot, in the late 13th century, in the roots of an old tree, the Icon of the Mother of God “The Portent” was found, and the miraculous spring began to flow. There will be a sightseeing tour around the monastery, with visits to temples and springs.
Kursk Korennaya Pustyn

We invite you to immerse yourself in the touching and tender world of the Russian poet Afanasy Fet in his museum estate in the village of Vorobievka. The house, recently reopened after restoration, features the original atmosphere recreated according to old photographs and memoirs: a study with a desk and writing accessories, a library with a collection of old books, a cozy billiards room and welcoming guest rooms with a view over an amazing park. Leo Tolstoy and Pyotr Tchaikovsky loved staying here.