Central Russia

Haven’t thought of a short break in Kaluga yet? You'd better do, as this sightseeing tour offering a great opportunity to explore the ‘ordinary’ Russia is now in high demand.

Kursk – The Kursk Korennaya Pustyn – The Village of Vorobievka (The Museum of Afanasy Fet)


A sightseeing tour around Kursk - the land of eventful history, beautiful landscapes and glorious deeds of the great sons of the Fatherland. The Kurskaya Duga open-air memorial complex. A visit to the Archeology Museum. A trip to the Kursk Korennaya Pustyn, an active monastery. The museum estate of Afanasy Fet in the village of Vorobievka.

Vitebsk – Polotsk – Zdravnevo (Ilya Repin’s Estate) – Smolensk


A guided tour with a comfortable ride on a high-speed train will introduce you to the ancient history and remarkable attractions of the cities of the western confines of Russia. The city of camel-back streets called Vitebsk will amaze you with the mysticism of Chagal, tenderness of its churches and the melancholy of nature, masterfully captured by Repin. The city of Polotsk, which has been Russian, Lithuanian, Polish and Belorussian, will immerse you into the whirlpool of religions and magical mysteries. The phoenix city of Smolensk triumphantly shines with the gold of its domes.  

Bogoroditsk – Ramon (the Castle of the Princess of Oldenburg) – Zadonsk– Voronezh – Grafsky Biosphere Reserve


A visit to the Bogoroditsky Palace Museum in Zadonsk. The castle of the Princess of Oldenburg (Ramon). Voronezh sightseeing tour. Major attractions of the city. A visit to the Grafsky Reserve - one of the oldest reserves in Russia. “The Beaver’s House” interactive museum.

Kaluga – The Linen Factory – Yasnaya Polyana – Tula

2days/1night A Guided Bus Tour

A sightseeing tour around Kaluga. A tour to the Tsiolkovsky State Museum of the History of Cosmonautics.  A visit to the “Linen Factory” – an architectural and industrial complex. A sightseeing tour around Tula, in the historical part of the city. A visit to the museum estate of the Goncharovs.  And, of course, a visit to the factory gift shop, “The Tula Gingerbread”.

Kaluga – Borovsk – Kozelsk – The Optina Pustyn – Shamordino

2days/1night A Guided Bus Tour

A guided bus tour. A sightseeing tour around Borovsk, a visit to the chapel of Boyaryna Morozova. A visit to the estate of the merchant Zolotarev. A sightseeing bus tour (without getting off the bus) around Kozelsk. A guided tour around the territory of the Otina Pustyn Monastery.

Orel – The Orel Polesie – The Turgenev Polesie (a rail road trip)


A sightseeing tour around Orel. A visit to the “Nest of Gentlefolk” natural reserve. A guided tour to the museum of the writer Ivan Bunin and to the Museum of Orlovtsy Writers. The national park, “Orel Polesie”. A visit to the regional literary and historical museum, “Turgenev’s Polesie”.