Derbent - the crossroads of world civilizations. Grozny – Caucasian Dubai

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go to Derbent
3 days/2 nights

We offer you a magnificent weekend tour that gives you a chance to see the large number of Dagestan sights and to admire the grandiose views of the deepest Sulak Canyon, and to visit Grozny city which is called Caucasian Dubai, and all in a short period of time.

Day 1: Friday

Meet at the airport or at the railway station of Makhachkala. Transfer to Makhachkala. Check-in at the “Tourist” hotel (3*).

13:00 – Excursion to the Main Sulak Canyon on the Sulak river. Check out the reservoir and hydroelectric power station, the history of Eugene Fortress on the bottom of Chirkey reservoir, Miatly Canyon on the Sulak river. In addition, excursion to the  Sarykum sand dune– 272 meters, the only desert in Russia and the second highest sand dune in the world. 
19:00 – Dinner at the hotel. Free time.

Day 2: Saturday

8:00 – Breakfast at the hotel – smorgasbord at the “Baron” hotel restaurant. 
8:30 – Excursion to the Grozny city – “Caucasian Dubai”.
19:00 – Return to Makhachkala, dinner at the restaurant. Free time.

Day 3: Sunday

8:00 – Breakfast – smorgasbord. Check-out of the hotel. 
9:00 – Excursion to the  Derbent town-museum, Citadel “Narin Kala” – the 6th century fortress. The museum of history and weapons. Excursion around the Old city (about 5000 years old!), a visit to Juma-Mosque – 8th century and the museum, “Women bathhouse” – 9th century.
13:00 – Lunch.
14:00 – We keep on learning about the Derbent. Excursion to “Derbent of 18th-19th centuries, the museum of Peter the Great. The walls of Derbent fortress. The gates of “Doomsday Gates” and its mysteries. The museum of world religions. 
17:00 – Transfer to the airport or to the railway station.
19:00 – Arrival at the airport or the railway station.