Seven stories of Saint Petersburg

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naval cathedral in Kronstadt

Saint Petersburg – Petergof – “Stories of Saint Petersburg” class on Yelagin Island – *Kronstadt* – *Tsarskoye Selo* – Saint Petersburg

7 days/6 nights

An inclusive tour for individual tourists.

Tourists will be provided with audio guides, free of charge, during the tour.

The Seven Stories will tell you how the city of Saint Petersburg was founded by Peter the Great, how it thrived during the reign of Elizabeth I of Russia and Elizabeth II, and how it gained strength during the rule of Nicholas I of Russia and Alexander II of Russia.

The unique aspect of this tour is that it offers our guests the opportunity to discover one of the historical districts in the city in order to form their own impression of Saint Petersburg.

Not only will you visit world-renowned museums, but you will also have the chance to visit largely unknown but still significant mansions that recreate the atmosphere of the past, and tell fascinating stories of their previous owners.

Moreover, our guests will have the opportunity to turn their impression of Saint Petersburg into art.

Day 1


Arrival in Saint Petersburg. Guests check into the hotels on their own. A personal transfer is available at an additional cost (from the railway station to the hotel).

NB! Transfer services are only available on request to the agency if you have applied for them in your Personal Account no later than 4 days prior to the beginning of the tour.

Giving your arrival information is not an application for a group transfer and it does not guarantee a tourist pick up and transfer.

10:00. Tourists meet at Ladozhsky railway station near the Platform Information display in the station hall. Group transfer (on request from the agency). NB! Meeting is organized for tourists arriving by trains from 9:00 to 10:00).

11:00. Tourists meet at Moskovsky railway station near the monument of Peter the Great in the station hall. Group transfer (on request from the agency). NB! Meeting is organized for the tourists arriving by trains from 9:50 to 10:50).

Guests check into the hotels on their own.

13:30. Departure from the Liteyny Hotel

14:00. Departure from the Saint Petersburg Hotel.

“Petrogradskaya Storona – Birth of the City” Bus tour

Guided tour to the Peter and Paul Fortress, which is a remarkable historical and cultural monument of fortification. The building of this fortress paved the way for the building of the city of Saint Petersburg and marked the beginning of its history. Guided tour to the Peter and Paul Cathedral. It was the storage place of trophy flags and keys to the cities and fortresses that were occupied by Russian troops during the wars against Sweden and Turkey in the XVIII century. Besides the Cathedral, a lot of architectural and historical monuments are located on the territory. Among these are the former Curfew House, Sovereign Bastion, Engineer’s House ad Botny House where a model of Peter’s boat is exhibited.

“Secrets of the Old Mansion” guided tour in the State Museum of History of Saint Petersburg. The tour program tells the story of an elite apartment building that dates back to the XX century. What is a mine winder? Incinerator? Snow blower? Coach houses? The tourists will get the answers to these and many more questions during the visit to the “Mysterious Mansion” on the Kamennoostrovsky Prospect.

Transfer takes tourists to the hotels.

End of the program.

Day 2


Breakfast at the hotel.

Departure from the hotels.

10:00. “Ceremonial Petersburg” bus tour. You will see the imperial area of the city where the luster of imperial yard and the greatness of the churches combine with the power of the empire’s guard and force of the higher bodies of state authorities of imperial Petersburg. We will walk to the center of the modern city (Nevsky Prospect, Palace Square, Senate Square, Saint Isaac’s Square).

12:00. Tour to Saint Isaac’s Cathedral.

14:30. Excursion around the State Hermitage Museum – the biggest museum in Russia, with a collection of 3 million of exhibits. It represents the entire history of the world’s culture – from Ancient Egypt to the masterpieces of painting of the XX century.

Guests return to the hotels on their own.

For an additional charge:

Guided tour along the rivers and channels of Saint Petersburg – a walk under the numerous bridges that number 340 in total. Those are diverse bridges: giant metallic ones, movable and stone bridges, graceful suspension bridges hanging over the rivers and channels each having its unique name and history.

23:30 – 02:30. “Saint Petersburg at Night” bus tour.

Day 3


Breakfast at the hotel.

Departure from the hotels.

“Along the Old Road to Petergof” bus tour, visiting the Lower Park with fountains in Petergof.

16:00. Return to the city. Guests return to their hotels on their own.

For an additional charge:

Walk along the Gulf of Finland on a comfortable ferry, called The Meteor, starting in the Lower Park and going to the center of Saint Petersburg to the Admiralty Embankment.

Day 4



Departure from the hotels.

10:00 – 12:00. “The Islands of Saint Petersburg” bus tour. There are some particularly impressive islands among the islands of the Neva Delta. They are very special and can even be regarded as “the countryside” of the town near the sea. Each of them has its own destiny. The Kamenny Island is a district of summer houses and mansions. Krestovsky Island is the place for public festivals and sporting events (in the past there used to be a place for rowing and gymnastics communities and also yacht-clubs). Yelagin Island has an amusement park for leisure and entertainment. You are very welcome to join the fun!

The “Stories of Saint Petersburg” class at the Yelagin’s Creative Summer House, where experienced craftsmen will help you depict the city of Saint Petersburg the way you see it, so that you will always have something to remind you of this amazing journey.

Free time for having lunch, walking around the park, visiting the museum of Art Glass and the Yelaginoostrovsky Palace.

Guests return to their hotels on their own.

For an additional charge:

15:00-20:00. “The City of Sea Glory – Kronstadt” bus tour.

Day 5


Breakfast at the hotel. Departure from the hotels.

10:00. “Vasilyevsky Island – the island of Museums” bus tour. In Peter the Great’s opinion, the cultural and political center of Petersburg ought to be on this exact island. Visit the Chapel of Kseniya Peterburgskaya on the Smolensky Necropolis, which is dedicated to the Russian Orthodox Saint who is the patroness of the city.

13:00. Guided tour to the Kunstkamera – the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography of the Russian Academy of Sciences founded by Peter the great, which was the first public museum in Russia.

Free time.

Guests return to their hotels on their own.

Day 6.



Free day without any guided tours or transporation.

For an additional charge:

10:00-16:00. “In the Shadow of the Gardens of Tsarskoselskoye” bus tour, visiting the Catherine Palace with its famous Amber Room, and Catherin Park, which was a favorite summer residence of Catherine II.

16:00-17:00. Return to the center of the city. Visit the first Oceanarium in Russia (16:00 Seals Show, 19:00 Sharks Show – 700 rubles for adults/500 rubles for schoolchildren).

(During summer time only): 07:30-22:30 One-day trip to Valaam Island. The trip includes: transporation to Valaam Island from the “Ozerki” metro station, bus-and-ferry tour, lunch at the cafeteria, tour across the island visiting the Monastery Estate, the Main Cathedral, other memorable sites, and a concert from the choir.

Day 7


Breakfast at the hotel.

Check out and depart with your luggage.

“From Preobrazhsentsy Sloboda to Tavricheskaya Estate” bus tour. The center of military life of Petersburg, where one can find the field of the god of war and military temples, mysterious Saint Michael’s Castle and Tauride Palace, Smolny Convent and the administrative center of the modern city (you will see the Field of Mars, Saint Michael’s Castle, Church of the Holy Great Martyr and Healer Panteleimon, Tauride Castle).

Visit Transfiguration Cathedral, which was built by order of the queen Elizabeth I. The cathedral is surrounded by a fence that is built on the barrels of the Turkish guns that had been taken off the walls of Turkish fortresses.

Excursion to the Suvorov museum, which is dedicated to the great Russian warlord A. Suvorov. The museum is located in a building that was constructed especially for this purpose, with voluntary contributions from Russians of all classes who wished to perpetuate the memory of the Generalissimo who knew no defeat.

14:00. End of the program at Moskovsky railway station.