Northern Palmira

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welcome to Peterhof
Saint Petersburg – Peterhof – Tsarskoe Selo – Saint Petersburg

5 days/4 nights

A walking tour along the “star” squares of the city. A tour of Saint Isaac’s Cathedral.  A tour around the Petersburg Metro. Walking tour with a visit to Alexander Nevsky Lavra. An out-of-town tour to Peterhof, a visit to the Grand Peterhof Palace. An out-of-town tour to Tsarskoe Selo with a visit to the Catherine Palace and the park.

The «Ensemble of Ceremonial Squares» walking tour. The «star» squares of the city - Dvortsovaya, Senatskaya and Isakievskaya – will emerge in all their splendor before you.
A tour to Saint Isaac’s Cathedral
— the cathedral church of the Saint Petersburg diocese  and one of the largest dome structure in the world; it boggles the imagination with its gigantic dimensions and the uniqueness of engineering solutions; its artistic decoration includes the richest collection of the Russian monumental paintings of the mid-19th century.

The “Masterpieces of Northern Palmira” sightseeing tour around the city. From house to house, from palace to palace, you will plunge into the amazing city’s life story, that owes its existence to the talented craftsmen, who lived and worked for it and for the sake of it.

A guided tour to the Kunstkamera Museum***. During the tour, you will explore the unique collection of antiquities telling about the history and life of many peoples; you will see part of the personal collection of Peter the Great, a collection of anatomic rarities and anomalies.

Transportation is provided for the sightseeing tour.

The “Peter’s Paradise” out-of-town tour to Peterhof a visit to the Grand Peterhof Palace – the unique treasury of Russian and Western-European art. You will see the enfilade of its ceremonial halls, the merchant sitting room, the Chesme Victory hall and, of course, the Big Throne Hall with a gilded Emperor’s throne.

The “Orthodox Sanctuaries of Saint Petersburg” walking tour with a visit to Alexander Nevsky Lavra, one of the four richest and most important monasteries of pre-revolutionary Russia.  You will visit the Trinity Cathedral, containing the relics of Alexander Nevsky, who is considered the patron saint of Saint Petersburg.


A visit to the Kazan Cathedral, the monument of the war of 1812, the unique building, containing one of the major Orthodox relics, the revered Icon of Our Lady of Kazan.

The “Underground Palaces” tour. A tour around the Petersburg Metro, the deepest and one of the most beautiful in the world. The design of the stations reflects the periods of the city’s history. Transportation is not provided.

An out-of-town tour to Tsarskoe Selo with a visit to the Catherine Palace and the park

– a magnificent monument of world architecture and gardening art of the 18th century. You will be amazed by the opulent decorations of the Big Hall of the Catherine Palace and the “Golden Enfilade” of ceremonial halls, including the world-famous Amber Room, recently reborn.