History and mysteries of the parks and palaces of St. Petersburg

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Peterhof Grand Palace

St. Petersburg - Peterhof – Oranienbaum - Kronstadt (Kotlin island) -St. Petersburg

9 days/8 nights. Mixed tour for individual tourists

Day 1. Friday.

Arrival in Saint Petersburg.

13:00 Meeting with the guide.

Sightseeing coach trip around St. Petersburg that includes a visit to the Temple of the Savior on the spilled blood. It was erected in memory of the Russian Emperor Alexander II and appears to be a unique Museum of mosaic art. The Temple’s building of incredible beauty is included on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

17:00 transfer to Peterhof and check in at the ‘New Peterhof’ hotel.

Day 2. Saturday

Breakfast at the hotel.

9:30 excursion to Petrhof’s upper garden, which was built as a ceremonial entrance to the Emperor’s residence. It is a green, spacious and bright open-air lobby. It was designed by Peter the Great himself and has had only a few changes since then.

Next comes a visit to the Great Peterhof Palace. Its majestic and refined front stretches along the terrace for almost 300 meters. It spreads its wings over the aquatic extravaganza of the Grand Fountain Cascade. It is the key element that unites the whole harmonious system of avenues, architectural monuments and fountains.

Travel to the Special Pantry of the Grand Palace, which houses a museum of jewelry, diplomatic gifts and the Imperial relics, each of which can tell you about the nature of their crowned owners. Court costumes, fans, and works of famous Jewelers such as Faberge, still keep memory of preferences and fashion accessories of passed ages.

The excursion route to the lower Park of Peterhof travels through the assembly of Fountains. Here you can see famous Cascades and double fountains. The scenery of the Gulf of Finland leaves you with nothing but admiration.

You’ll have several hours of free time to visit other museums, or to walk in the park or to have a dinner at one of the local restaurants.

Day 3. Sunday

Breakfast at the hotel.


You’ll start that day with a walking excursion around the Park "Alexandria". The park is named after its first owner, the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, the wife of Russian Emperor Nicholay I. The family abode of the House of Romanov. There you will embrace open sky, flowers, shady groves of old Oaks, euphonious sounds of water streams, vast meadows and the dark waters of the Gulf of Finland. And on the way to it you will see some of the historical quarters that still hold the memory of the past ages.

Peterhof is not only the name of the famous museum, it also gave its name to the small town that was built around it. Here you will find wonders of Russian architecture. For example, in the second half of the 19th century local architects showed a particular interest in the Pseudo-Gothic style. While it is not so easy to find pointed arches and turrets in St. Petersburg, here they can be seen everywhere, even in the design of the Imperial Stables.

Then comes an excursion to the Farmer's Palace, created on the eve of the wedding of the Emperor Alexander II, and later became the cozy house of his family. A distinctive feature of this building is the decorative elements that remind of its original purpose. It was a farm that was created in the style of rural English buildings. 

Another excursion will lead you to the Cottage Palace. This is a unique monument to the romanticism era, still standing today without any reconstruction. The interior of the Palace, filled with the original items from those times, summon an atmosphere of comfort and warmth, which was ever-present in the family of Nicholay I.

You will be given free time to stroll through the Park and go down to the Gulf of Finland. You will also have an opportunity to visit other museums of the Park Alexandria-Gothic Chapel, Feld’egerskij House, the Palace Telegraph Station and the new farm.

For an additional charge you may take:

A nighttime coach trip around the city that lasts from 23:00 to 3:00. There you will be able to see drawbridges. (This excursion will take place if at least 12 people are signed up)

Day 4. Monday.

Breakfast at the hotel.

This will be a free day. You may spend it as you wish.

For those who prefer active leisure there are still more than 20 museums in Peterhof. Moreover there are numerous parks for walking.

For those who love deep relaxation: the Hotel aqua center (swimming pool, Hamam, aroma sauna, Finnish cedar sauna) and SPA centre Payot are available.

The following activities are available at an extra charge:

Coach tour to Kronstadt city-fortress.

 (This excursion will take place if at least 12 people are signed up)

Bike excursion "Fontanny vododod" (the water culvert), which lasts for 3 hours and follows a route of about 9 miles. The walking route passes through three historic parks – the English park, the Meadow park and the Kolonistsky park.

The culmination of your trip will be an observation of the water culvert - a remarkable hydraulic structure that was state-of-the-art in those times, built by Russian engineers. Finally, you will follow the path that water takes on its way to Peterhof’s fountains.  Ponds and water channels do perfectly complement an architectural design.

(This excursion will take place if at least 6 people are signed up).

Day 5. Tuesday.

Breakfast and check out.


Coach trip to Oranienbaum. This is a great architectural complex with an amazing landscape, which was planned as part of the majestic scenery that should have been welcoming all who arrived at the new Russian capital by sea. It was the main residence of the prime Russian nobleman Alexander Menshikov and it was a symbol of Russian victory in the Great Northern War.

Then you will take a trip to the Chinese Palace, which is known for its ancient room, Stekljarusny Cabinet, which has preserved its original decoration from 1760. Another landmark is the Palace of Peter III, which also made it through the Great Patriotic War almost untouched, and now appears in its original form showing us an atmosphere created by one of the most unordinary Russian Emperors.

Excursion to the Oranienbaum Park. Visit to the Cathedral of Michael the Archangel.

Transfer to St. Petersburg.

Check in hotel.

Day 6. Wednesday.

Breakfast at the hotel.

This day is free from any excursions and travel.

For an additional charge you may take:

A combined bus and ferry excursion to the island of Valaam (7:00-23:00). Since the 14th century there is a monastery on the island that is now world famous. You will be able to visit its Main manor and the monastery of St. Nicholas. The Valaam archipelagus is truly considered the Pearl of the Russian North. The unique nature of Karelia, and the islands’ positions have defined not only the view, but also the spirit of this unique place.  

Day 7. Thursday.

Breakfast at the hotel.

This day is free from any excursions and travel.

For an additional charge you may take:

 A coach trip to Gatchina, which is also called the Residence of the Romantic Emperor. There you will be offered a visit the Palace of Pavel I, who was called the most romantic Russian monarch.

In summer time a day excursion to Valaam is available from 7:30-22:30.

Day 8. Friday


 Meeting with the guide at the hotel hall. Bus transfer to the pedestrian zone.

Walking excursion around the historical city center, which will take you to those areas of St. Petersburg that cannot be seen from a bus window. Malaya Konyushennaya street, the yards of Capella, the Moika River and the Zimnaya Kanavka embankments will lead you to the heart of the city, the Palace Square.

After that you will be offered an excursion to the Hermitage-one of the 5 largest museums in the world. In its halls you will experience all the milestones of art history.

The next part of the tour lies through the Winter palace-a former residence of Russian emperors.

Free time will be given to you when the excursion is finished.

With your ticket, after the excursion in the main complex you can continue getting to know the Hermitage and its branches:

The General Staff building. Nowadays it is a modern exhibition hall, where you can find a collection of Russian and European art from 19th to 21st centuries. Among them: Russian Empire style, the main exhibition of the Impressionists and post-impressionists, amd temporary exhibitions of modern art.

The Winter Palace – the residence of Peter the Great. whose design was the prototype for the exterior of the Hermitage Theatre. The Palace was considered lost, but at the end of the 20th century preserved rooms were found underground. Today they house the Memorial Exposition, which is devoted to Peter the Great and his era.

The Museum of the Imperial porcelain factory-stores creations of ‘white gold’ and tells the history of the oldest porcelain facility in Russia.

Return to the hotel on your own.

For an additional charge you may take:

An excursion along the rivers and channels of St. Petersburg.

Day 9. Saturday.

Breakfast at the hotel.

Meeting with your guide in the hotel hall. Check out.

10:00 shuttle to Moskovsky Vokzal (baggage room-at your own expense)

Coach trip: ‘Parks and Palaces of St. Petersburg’. The Palace of Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich is among them. Today it is the exposition of the Russian Museum.

Then comes an excursion to the Russian Museum - one of the largest museums of Russian art.

Then a walk through the Summer garden: the favorite creation of Peter the Great and the oldest in the city.

15:00 - the end of excursion program in the city center.  

For an additional charge you may take:

An excursion to the theatre "Petrovskaya Akvatoriya", where you can see the most famous sights in miniature and watch historical performances.


Every last Tuesday of the month the trip to Kunzcamera museum is replaced by a visit to the Petropavlovskaya fortress due to a cleaning day at the museum.


The company reserves the right to make changes to the program sequence without changing the number of provided services. Its individual elements can be changed before the departure and during the execution of the tour. Program elements that are dependent on weather conditions and uncontrollable by the Organizer’s services and organizations (road service, local authorities, etc.) may be excluded from the program, based on the actual situation on the route. Registration of foreign citizens and citizens of the Russian Federation is paid separately to the hotel’s cashier.

Check-in time begins after 14:00, check-out time ends at 12:00.