Maslenitsa in the provincial town

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Holidays in Russia

Tambov - Skopin - Michurinsk (Kozlov)
3 days. / 2 n., Hotel "Derzhavinskaya"

Skopin town is one of the oldest centers of pottery in the Ryazan region.

You will visit Tambov, located on the banks of the river Cna.

A good tradition was the organization of Maslenitsa’s festivities in "Barton by Aseev." A colorful theatrical performance will allow each participant Maslenitsa "Barton by Aseeva" plunge into the atmosphere of an ancient Russian holiday, with its peculiarities, traditions and color.

A visit to the brand store "Company Pirozhnikoff" candy factory where you can buy the famous Tambov marshmallows.

So, live the warmth and hospitality of the Tambov region, encompassed by products from the Volkovsky liquor plant. A visit to the brand shop with a large assortment of original vodka and liquors: vodka, "Tambov wolf" vodka "We are polite people," vodka "Michurinsky gardens", "Our vodka Tambov", "Tambov peasant" tincture "Tambov hrenovuha" and vodka in a souvenir bottle “sitting in a wolf”.